#71 What we can and can't control with Jen Hemphill

Episode #71 What You Can & Can’t Control with Jen Hemphill

Today I am very excited to have the lovely Jen Hemphill with me. We are recording this show on the morning after election day and naturally our conversation is drawn to political matters. Which is why the focus of our conversation is what you can control and what you can’t. Financially, you are still very much in control of what you do what with your money. As an accredited financial counselor, Jen has lots of good ideas for us on how to make sure you are provided for, no matter what happens in our country.

Jen is the host of Her Money Matters podcast and I was her guest for Episode #61, where we spoke at length about the details of special needs finance. I was so honored to be a guest on her show and invite her back to Financial Fluency.


  • “No matter what the President-Elect does, you are still in control of your budgets, your credit cards and your spending.” – Jen H.
  • “Hillary Clinton has borne more scrutiny than any other female in the United States.” -Jen T.
  • “We should focus on the good that has happened and that will give us a better energy.” – Jen H.
  • “Politicians are on the world stage, they have a lot of power, and we’re trusting them to makes decisions that are best for us and our families.” Jen T.
  • “What I find is that so often women undervalue what they do.” – Jen H.
  • “Being in a military family, I needed figure out what I could do that I could take with me.” – Jen H.
  • “We could have had this conversation without recording it, but we did record it and now with have something to share with people. That’s why I do what I do.” – Jen T.

To connect with Jen Hemphill, check out her website, her facebook community and Her Money Matters podcast for all the good stuff.

Interested in her Fearless Money Sisterhood group program? Check out more info on that here.

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jhemphill_20Jen Hemphill helps busy ambitious women transform their finances from being overwhelming to bringing joy, simplicity, and confidence. She is a Motivational Money Coach, an AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor) and host of the Her Money Matters Podcast. When she’s not talking money, she enjoys photography, coffee, chocolate, traveling, working out and spending time with her husband and two boys.


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