#4 Red Flags for Financial Abuse with Lindsay Fischer

Financial Fluency Episode #4: Red Flags for Financial Abuse with Lindsay Fischer

Hello hello, welcome to another episode of Financial Fluency, Speaking the Language of Money.

This time I’m joined by Lindsey Fischer, Lindsey is an author, speaker, advocate, copywriter, teacher and all round fabulous person!

Lindsey’s memoir is The House on Sunset. I read it and was completely blown away by it. We talked through how finances can be used as a form of control in an abusive relationship.

It’s one of the main reasons that I work with women. The statistics on how many women suffer domestic abuse because they feel they can’t afford to leave are just astonishing. The relationships where men control the finances are SEVEN TIMES more likely to involve domestic abuse than those with an equal share. Tweet that >>> Tweet: Relationships where men control the finances are SEVEN TIMES more likely to involve domestic abuse. http://bit.ly/1XFJaqu via @jturrell

You can find Lindsay at her website Survivors Will Be Heard or here on her Facebook page

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Jen x

Lindsay Fischer

Lindsay Fischer, BS – Secondary Education, English, Missouri State University, is on a mission to tell others there is life after abuse.

Lindsay, a former high school teacher, survived an 18-month relationship with a sociopath. After leaving she was faced with more challenges as she found herself having to rebuild her self-esteem and overcome homelessness. With a determined heart and mind to make a difference, Lindsay embarked on the journey of spreading her message far and wide. As a powerful advocate for other survivors she’s speaking to empower women across the globe and spread her message. Lindsay knows the power in healing and living a good life after abuse. Lindsay is a published author and continues to impact others with her memoir, The House on Sunset Street. Lindsay brings knowledge, understanding and the ability to teach others that there is life after abuse.

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