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Episode #125 — Crushworthy Branding with Minling Chuang

Branding is more than the website, logo, and graphic. Branding is perception. How you are perceived by others. So instead of focusing on the visuals, start by focusing how you can emotionally connect to your audience and building a strong bond with your potential clients and customers. This will help you build loyalty and become […]

Biz Buddies Episode #10 — The Fallacy of Fear

Fear. It’s what stops most of us from doing the things we most want to do in life. At least some of the time. We’ve all heard the sound bites like “No Fear” and “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. But the subject deserves a bit more exploration than that. Niamh talks about how […]

Episode #124 — The Holistic Wallet with Michelle Bobrow

Where do you start when it comes to getting your finances in order? On today’s episode of Financial Fluency, I have Michelle Bobrow with me. Michelle is the founder and personal finance strategist behind The Holistic Wallet. The Holistic Wallet is a place where people can help you set a financial foundation and provide creative […]