Episode #84 Transform Your Wealth with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Do you struggle with your money mindset?  Today I am happy to have Nicole Lewis-Keeber from Nicole Lewis-Keeber Coaching.  Nicole has an 18 year history as a therapist.  After dealing with this high stress position that did not pay well, she decided she had to go on her own, both for her sanity and in order to take control of her financial destiny.

She is now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach and a Money Mindset Master.  Nicole specializes in helping women with their money and mindset, and having a loving relationship with their business.

In her position as a social worker she shared the challenges that many women face in the workplace.  In particular, she discussed how women are often slotted into a pre-determined salary for a particular job, often expected to work overtime and beyond their pay scale out of the goodness of their own heart, especially as a caregiver or therapist.

Our discussion covered the lack of a supportive system for self-employed people, in particular women, in terms of health insurance, paid family leave, maternity leave and time off to care for loved ones.  We also spoke of how the current political climate is re-animating trauma within many women across the country.Nicole began her business working with women on their mindset with money. She would look at the paradigm of their family history, and how they valued themselves and what they thought was possible.  She quickly discovered that the fear of being seen and asking for their worth were often the root causes of their resistance and feelings of being unsafe, and not the money.

Her system begins with an examination of their money, followed by their emotions, the source of their emotions, how they are triggered and how to deal with those triggers.  She teaches her clients to see their businesses as a relationships and to treat them with intention.

You can reach Nicole via Instagram at  https://www.instagram.com/nicole.lewiskeeber/ , on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nicolelewiskeebercoaching/ , on Twitter at @LewisKeeber and on her website:  http://nicole.lewis-keeber.com/

Nicole Shares her Personal Message  

“Statistics show that 80% of women-owned businesses close within the first 18 months. This statistic drives me crazy because I know how insanely capable women are in creating a sustainable business that gives them financial freedom if they are able to overcome their blocks to money and success. It is my desire to flip this statistic and help women Master their mindset, Health their heart, Empower their future and Make some damn money!”


“When you have had traumatic events, or abusive relationships or toxic relationships, if you don’t set up your business as a relationship with intention, you are going to default into toxic ways of relating to your business.  You are going to beat yourself up with it, you’re going to be your own mean boss, and at the end of the day you are going to feel abused and you will be the one who did it to yourself.” – Nicole Lewis-Keeber  

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Nicole offers a 1:1 coaching program, Wealth, Worth and Wisdom Coaching, as well as an online modular program called Transformational Wealth.   


Nicole Keeber-LewisNicole is a Money Mindset Master with a background in therapy and life coaching. Using a conversational, engaging, humor-infused approach to complex challenges, Nicole’s talks and coaching programs guide business owners, coaches, and healers to reveal and release their underlying blocks and barriers to financial abundance, so that they can master their mind, heal their heart, empower their future and make some damn money!

Nicole lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with her husband Jason and three fat, happy cats. It is well known that Nicole loves 80’s music, a good martini, and heartfelt snark-filled conversations with friends.

All the Stuff #34 Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health

The stigma of mental health is a reality that affects many people, keeping them silent and alone.   Today, the All the Stuff gals Jen Turrell, Financial Personal Trainer for Women, Lisa Carpenter, Transformational Life and Nutrition Coach, and Lisa Sharp, Empowerment Coach and Clutter Expert, share their thoughts on mental health, and the ongoing stigma that keeps many from sharing their stories.

In the entrepreneurial world, there is a common misconception that in order to be successful you have to act like you have everything together.  Fact is, everyone struggles at certain times, some more than others, without exception.  Rather than being vulnerable and authentic, many entrepreneurs only show the successful side of themselves and their businesses, and deal with their issues in silence. This keep them in a terrible loop of feeling ashamed, overwhelmed, and alone.  In fact, statistics show that among entrepreneurs, a staggering 30% suffer from depression.  

Fact is, being open and honest about mental health issues with those that you trust, opens doors for fantastic conversations that remind us that we are never alone and it is not only OK, but cleansing to talk about it.  And hearing (or speaking) the words “me too” can create strong connections that brings people closer together.  Together we can break the stigma of mental health and support each other in a safe, comforting way.

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You can find out more about our resident experts and their programs on their websites:    Lisa Carpenter’s Program E.A.T!, Lisa Sharp’s The Blueprint Group Program, and Jen Turrell’s Money Matters Mastermind.  

Be sure to share your thoughts with the  The “All the Stuff” gals in their Facebook Group, a safe place to share and connect!


Danielle Laporte – http://www.daniellelaporte.com/

Gary Vaynerchuk –  https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/


Episode #83 The Healthy Hustle with Rachel Feldman

Today I am pleased to have Rachel Feldman on the show.  Rachel is a business coach who works with lifestyle online business coaches and brick and mortar businesses to help them grow the business of their dreams from the ground up, using free tools, and with little money.

In the years prior to the launching of her business, Rachel was in Commercial Real Estate, a profession she loved.  When she began to have personal health issues and realized that the health industry has a one-cure-fits-all attitude, Rachel knew that one day she would be helping people in the health and lifestyle field.   

Things took a turn for her when her family lost everything due to the crash in the stock market, and she had a decision to make – go back to Commercial Real Estate, or find her passion and create something new.  Without any experience, she started building her health coach business with a website and videos, and because she was afraid to speak in public, YouTube. Little did she know, she was building her online presence, and people were finding her via her online videos.  

She goes on to explain how to create your niche, by sharing your message and story, identifying what problems you are solving, and expressing it in a way that others can relate to. 

About a year ago, Rachel made the switch from being a health coach, to being a business launch coach.

For a successful sales funnel, here is Rachel’s list of must haves:

  • Having 5-15 entry points, such as challenges, opt-in freebie, an audio, checklists,  giveaways, raffles etc. to diversify your message and delivery to appeal to as many people as possible.
  • Nurturing according to the nature of the entry point.
  • Focussing on your client customer experience.

Rachel Shares Her Message

“You can build a leakfree sales funnel from your business, we can all be doers, but you do have to believe in what you are doing because people buy a journey, people buy you, and they buy your service.”

You can reach Rachel on her websites at www.rachelafeldman.com and www.healthcoachbiz.rachelswellness.com, on Facebook , on Twitter at @rachelafeldman, on Instagram, and on YouTube.  

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Rachel’s  “Done for You” Program:  http://yourhealthcoachbiz.com/

Fancy Hands:  https://www.fancyhands.com/

Hire My Mom:  https://www.hiremymom.com/

Rachel Feldman is a wellness momma and business launch coach. After only earning 13K her first year in coaching, she knew she needed to learn how to create a sustainable business built with a solid sales funnel.

Rachel went from making 13K to 72K by year 2 1/2 and then broke six figures in her third year of business. Rachel helps her clients to build profitable and sustainable businesses so they can build successful businesses online and offline.  She works with coaches in her private practice and is the creator of the Done For You Programs for Health Coaches.

She created these programs for coaches so they could spend less time creating and more time marketing their business and brand. She knows the importance of saving time being a Mom and a CEO.