#6 Changing Your Money Story with Danetha Doe

Financial Fluency Episode #6: Changing Your Money Story with Danetha Doe

So this episode I’m chatting with the lovely Danetha Doe about how one can change their money story. I’ve been on her show and now here she is on mine! I love the comradery of the online world for this.

There are whole communities supporting each other who would NEVER meet in the “real world”!

You can listen in here:

A Real Life Example

Danetha has such an interesting story including cheer-leading in the NFL, starting a business, going broke and bouncing back from that. She really has changed her money story!

And, it just shows that we teach what we most need to learn (for me, it’s definitely organisational systems!).

Danetha and I both agree that budgeting is NOT always positive – one the things that Danetha says which I LOVE is:

Money is here to take care of ME. Not pay bills. Not take care of my friends.

Danetha gives us nuts and bolts financial advice as well as talking about the relationship we have with money. These things together are the key to having real financial fluency!

Thank you so much for listening to this episode, I really appreciate you being here. If you like it, please subscribe and join me every week. Thank you.

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Links We Mention

Ramit Sethi and automating finances

Kate Northrup’s idea changing book Money: A Love Story

AARP Foundation Tax Aide where you can get help with your taxes at public libraries in the US

Danetha Doe Bio Pic

Danetha Doe is a business strategist and author of the Simple Guide to Accounting & Financial Strategy for New Entrepreneurs and creator of the self-guided Bookkeeping 101 course.

Selected as one of the Top 40 under 40 accounting professionals by CPA Practice Advisor in 2015, Danetha was featured on Huffington Post Live with Suze Orman and named a “business influencer and next-generation accountant” by Quickbooks and Xero in 2014.

A former NFL Cheerleader, she loves to dance and drink champagne.


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