Episode #98 – Energize Your Space for Success with Patricia Lohan

Do you know if your house is supporting you? Just like every organ has a function in the human body, the same applies to your house. Every part of your house has an energy and a purpose. Today on Financial Fluency, we have Patricia Lohan, Feng Shui expert, and serial entrepreneur. In this chat, Patricia talks to us about feng shui and how you can energize your space for success in your business, your productivity, and your mental health.

Patricia comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and notes she moved around a lot growing up. (She recalls moving 20 times throughout childhood!) It was during this period she got into feng shui. Her parents would get a bigger house, and they’d completely redecorate it—Patricia would then look up books on interior design and feng shui. She had an epiphany when she saw the different houses—she noticed all houses have different energies: some are good for the money, some are bad for people, some are good for people, and vice versa. Every house has a different challenge, and every house has its specific energy.

Patricia studied business in college, and she ran the family business for seven years. During this time, she realized she was fulfilling someone else’s dream, not her own. At age 24, she was managing 30-person staff. She was burnt out. This was a turning point in her career, and she decided to travel to India and train in yoga. After returning to Ireland, she met her husband. Patricia believes her journey to her fulfillment (regarding her career) linked her to finding true love with her husband, Ken.

Patricia has seen the power of the mind concerning one’s surroundings, inner healing, and the miraculous transitions that can occur when all three align to perform together in harmony. She states: “We don’t realize how our houses have an impact on our lives and business.”

Three Levels of Feng Shui from Patricia

  1. First level is feng shui, declutter, and clear out. You can add some things in like lucky bamboo, a jade plant, or ferns—something that’s soft enough, nothing spiky.
  2. Second level is finding out what every area of your home represents, and then add practical things to those areas that’ll provide prosperity. You’ll become more aware of your house.
  3. Third level is understand the relationship between you, your areas, and the house. There are nine areas of your house, when you harmonize the elements, you’ll become mindful of the areas.

Pearls of Wisdom from Patricia

  • Feng shui is acupuncture for your home; it’s getting the chi flowing.
  • If you treated your home like your best friend, you would treat it with respect.
  • You wouldn’t give your best friend junk food or a broken gift, the same applies to your home.
  • It’s about creating a positive relationship with your home—and when you do—it will support you.

To find out more about Patricia Lohan and the art of Feng shui, visit her website: http://patricialohan.com/.

Or connect with her on social media:

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Patricia Lohan

Patricia Lohan helps female entrepreneurs accelerate success through creating powerful environments. She shows you what they don’t teach in business school, what lies between the lines, your top secret tool for success. She is a Feng Shui expert, a healer, and passionate female entrepreneur who has shaped her dream life living in Bali with her husband.

She is has seen first hand the power of the mind, surroundings and inner healing, clearing and aligning everything so it works holistically. An incredibly spiritual person but also highly practical too. She loves entrepreneurship and has 15 years of experience running and growing three successful start ups of her own.

Episode #97 – Own Your Money with Belinda Rosenblum

Does your money own you? Do you find yourself sticking your head in the sand instead of facing money problems head-on? Today on Financial Fluency, we have Belinda Rosenblum. She’s a CPA, author, and creator of Money Maker’s Academy. Today she’ll talk about how to develop the skills you need to manage money, rewrite your money story and ultimately, own your money.

Belinda had a thriving 15-year career in corporate finance. During that time, she recalled feeling like she was checking her personality at the door. She was bored. Belinda was working without the problem-solving, and she missed the emotional connection with other people. In May of 2007, she decided to start her business, one year after leaving her corporate job. (And one year before the infamous 2008 stock market crash.)

At first, Belinda planned on transitioning into a financial advisory role. She wanted to be the financial therapist who could help nurse clients back to a stronger relationship with money, and help them understand the tactical side of what they need to do. After talking to several women, she turned down the advisory job, started her own business, and launched her first program in December 2007. She had 12 people in her first workshop; those people in the group set the foundation for the rest of the year. In 2008, everything crashed. Despite that, Belinda claims it was the recession that helped her grow her business. Everyone was spending more than they were making. There were no “financial coaches” in the game ten years ago, so she was able to lead the way as a financial specialist to help clients work through their money stress.

Belinda’s mission is to transform the way people think, feel, and act with money to give them back their power over their money mindset and money management. She notes money management is a learned skill. There’s nothing wrong with you because you haven’t learned how to manage your money. What matters is knowing what actions to take based on what your numbers are telling you.

Belinda’s Money Advice

“People feel stuck in their circumstance. We feel broken when we’re not good with money. It’s as if other people know what they’re doing when really, they don’t. People spend a lot of time hiding what they don’t know about money. It’s a skills problem. There’s a gap between where we are, what we know now, and where we want to be.”

For more information about Belinda and her online workshops, visit her directly on her website: www.OwnYourMoney.com or follow her on social media.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ownyourmoney/

Twitter – @ownyourmoney

New online free workshop: ShiftYourMoneyDestiny.com


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Personal Workshop http://ownyourmoney.com/video/destiny/

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Money Makers Academy Program www.ownyourmoney.com/academy

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Belinda Rosenblum

Belinda Rosenblum is a CPA and Wealth Expert who helps you take the worry and fear out of money. She believes life is supposed to be fun, and money is supposed to fund it for you!

Belinda is the creator of the Money Makers Academy, a monthly step-by-step program teaching you the essential money skills and mindset that you may assume everyone else knows but actually very few people were ever properly taught.

Belinda is the coauthor of the book, SELF-WORTH TO NET WORTH: 12 Keys to Creating Wealth Inside and Out, offering a step-by-step approach to help you build your financial self-esteem and manage your own financial life. If she’s not talking about financial freedom, Belinda is likely enjoying the sunshine and chasing after her marathon-running husband and 2 spirited toddlers.

Episode #96 – Naked Communication with Sage Hobbs

How would your life be different if you spoke authentically? Today we welcome Sage Hobbs, our guest on today’s episode of Financial Fluency. Sage is a coach, speaker, and author of Naked Communication: Courageously Create the Relationships You Really Want. And today, we’ll explore her book and how she turned her love of people and relationships into a fulfilling, rewarding career.

Sage says she always wanted to write a book. And once she made the commitment, she went for it. She started thinking about what fascinated her—and it was people. Sage began looking at where her passion and curiosity (human capacity and human potential) line up with her professionally—and again she saw that all of her career choices have been about people. Her strength is to connect people better with each other and themselves. And the rest is history!

Before writing her book, Sage visited Kenya and shortly after that landed her dream job as an inner-city school counselor. At 23, she was working at her dream job, and that’s where life took a sudden turn. At work one day, Sage felt a pea-sized lump on her collarbone. Doctors determined after her lymph node biopsy; she had cancer at 23. Battling cancer at a young age showed her how the community, friends, and family were there for her. It was in these years that Sage understood that life is fleeting and that she needed to make life the way she wanted it to be, that she got to decide.  

There are two things she recounts her mother saying to her during her bout with cancer:

  • Let love in.
  • It’s a generous act to allow people to contribute to you.

Sage admits that asking for help is really hard.  It was hard for her to ask for help and hard to allow others to help her. As humans, we make everything mean something. We make up a fictitious story in our heads. We make asking for help mean that we can’t handle it, we’re not worth it, we’re not strong enough, etc. Sage reiterates you can’t have full responsibility for your life until you can separate the two (fact and fiction).

Her book helps readers pull back all the layers of conditioning, automatic ways of being, patterns of behavior, and gives insight into how to show up in a more ‘naked’ way and have authentic conversations in four ways. To her, these qualities are the 4 C’s to communication:

  • Clean
  • Clear
  • Compassionate
  • Courageous  

Human interaction, as Sage says, is a desire all people crave. People are longing to be themselves, have others see them for that, and find depth and intimacy from a place of authenticity. To do this, you must pay attention and nurture the relationships you want to last. No matter how good you think you are at commutation, you can always improve.

Real Talk from Sage

“The first step is awareness. If you want to be naked, you have to be real with yourself.”

Sage’s Advice for Effective Communication

  1. Look at yourself. If you don’t understand how you communicate already, it’s hard to change, shift, or evolve. You have to know if you’re more passive, assertive, direct, passive-aggressive, etc. You can evaluate this when you bite your tongue when you want to say something, but you don’t, or by looking at the way someone responds to you.
  2. Know when to speak up, when not to speak up, and have a choice about it. It’s not always the time. If something is still raw, or someone’s angry, or the issues are still tender—that might mean it’s not the time to have a conversation. Be reflective and have a choice.
  3. Everyone has conflicts. Always take responsibility for your part, but the doesn’t mean you let the other person off the hook. You should only apologize when you’ve done wrong.

For more information about Sage, her one-on-one guidance, and group coaching visit her directly on her website www.sagebhobbs.com, or follow her on social media.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sagebhobbs/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SageBHobbs

Instagram: @sagebhobbs

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sagebhobbs/

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Naked Communication: Courageously Create the Relationships You Really Want:

Get Sage’s FREE The ASK Formula cheat sheet here: http://www.sagebhobbs.com/ask-formula-cheat-sheet/

Discovery Call with Sage: http://www.sagebhobbs.com/scheduling/

The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help.

Episode #96 - Authentic Communication with Sage Hobbs

Sage B. Hobbs is a women’s empowerment coach, motivational speaker, and author of Naked Communication. She’s known for her bold and insightful approach to communication, relationships, and personal growth.

Sage works with women in both individual and group settings to create experiences of courage, self-expression, and freedom. When women feel stuck, dissatisfied, and stagnant, Sage supports them in unleashing their voice, taking action, and transforming their status quo.

Prior to creating her current work on Naked Communication, Sage received her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and spent a decade working with teens and families to navigate the wild path of growing up.

She’s also a mom of two, a cancer survivor, a proud teacher’s wife, a “retired” school counselor, a world traveler, a living room dance party aficionado, and a book lover.

A Philly girl at heart, she now lives in beautiful Boulder, CO with her favorite man on earth and their two awesome kids.