Episode #101 – Level-Up Your Image with Lee Heyward

Not seeing the business results you want? Whether we like it or not, how we look and how we dress affects how others perceive us. On today’s episode of Financial Fluency, I have Lee Heyward, an image and sales strategist and author of Strategically Suited: Your Secret Edge to Grow Sales and Get New Clients. Lee believes when you level-up your image you’ll be able to achieve the results you desire.

Lee mentions on the show that people are buying you. The way you present yourself is setting you up for that. The best thing about your image is that you control every aspect of your brand. We’ve all heard the phrases “dress for success” or “dress for the job you want” — but what do those phrases mean to you? For Lee, she works with her clients to take a step back, strategize how to put who you are into your style, and analyze what you’re trying to do.  Is it to attract a client or climb three steps up the corporate ladder? When Lee first started her career, she was a personal stylist, but now she considers herself a part of her client’s brand.

Business can come from the strangest places. Lee notes airports are often where  she runs into the most interesting people. She states “If you have to justify the way you look, then it’s not right for you. Sometimes we avoid presenting our very best selves because we think it’s a lot of effort and work to do it, but that’s not true.” Lee helps clients create an image with an edge that will instantly increase sales.

Lee’s Style Tips for Creating an Image

Lee acknowledges that life is an evolution – sometimes people lose touch with what their style is, what they like and dislike, and how to dress. She shares one of the easiest ways to tap into that:

  1. Ask yourself one question “How do you want to feel at this moment?”
  2. Think of three words you want to feel and write them down on a sticky note.
  3. Stick those sticky notes in your closet and when you get dressed, ask yourself if those descriptions match how you feel.
  4. Put a second sticky note in your wallet with those three words and use it as your roadmap whenever you go shopping.

Lee’s Mission

The way you present yourself is the most powerful marketing tool you have–and most people are underutilizing it. Opportunities are everywhere so why not give yourself an edge by creating an image that strategically helps you reach the results you desire. This isn’t about dressing for success, it’s about determining the best strategy for you to grow your business simply by changing your clothes.

To learn more about Lee and her image and styling services, visit her website: leeheyward.com. You can also follow her on social media:



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Lee’s book officially launches to bookstores nationwide on June 13, 2017. Listeners who opt-in on her website will get a complimentary hard-copy mailed to them.

The Image Edge Calculator calculates how much additional income you can bring in if you have an image edge. Find it on her site leeheyward.com.


#101 - Level-Up Your Image with Lee Heyward

Image and sales strategist Lee Heyward, helps clients create an edge to grow their sales and get more clients.  Lee believes that when you up-level your image, you confidently close every sale, stand proudly on stage, and achieve the results you desire. Her real-world approach demonstrates that up-leveling your image isn’t about creating a perfect package; it’s about tapping into what makes you the best version of yourself for both you and your clients.

Lee is the proud author of her latest book Strategically Suited: Your Secret Edge to Grow Sales and Get New Clients. She also wrote a guide book for women in 2012 called Simply Effortless Style: A Real Woman’s Guide to Making Style Easy and Fun.

Lee lives in Charleston, SC with her husband, two children, dog, and cat.

Episode #100 – Write with Focus with Gabriela Pereira

Have you been struggling to find time for writing in your busy life? Are you sitting on a good idea, but can’t focus to get it done? Today on Financial Fluency, I’m pleased to have Gabriela Pereira with me. Gabriela is the author of DIY MFA: Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, Build Your Community and founder of DIY MFA, the do-it-yourself alternative to a Master’s degree in writing. She created DIY MFA to help writers around the world get the “knowledge without the college.” Gabriela’s mission is to empower creative individuals to take an entrepreneurial approach to writing.

On the show, Gabriela mentions she’s had many prior lives, and jokingly considers herself to be part feline because of that. She worked as a psychology researcher for a while then went on to design toys before founding DIY MFA. Gabriela admits it was an accident; she didn’t found DIY MFA, it “found” her. On this episode, you’ll hear how that accident came to fruition and where she is today.

Gabriela starts off by sharing where the idea for DIY MFA began. Gabriela admits she went to school to get her MFA for all the wrong reasons. She didn’t know how to get published, but she knew she was good at writing. It wasn’t until she was sitting in her commencement ceremony expecting to feel like a writer, and she didn’t feel it, that the DIY idea came to her. She talked to a lot of people, and she realized a fair amount of them could not go on to obtain their MFA as she did. Gabriela thought about how she could share what she learned in the MFA structure and how to help people construct their DIY MFA themselves. Gabriela did what everyone did with a blog in 2010—she wrote about it, and her question was simple:  “If there was a DIY MFA would you do it?”

Fast-forward to 2012, Gabriela is nine months pregnant and attending the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City. At the conference, she finds herself talking to a guy who asked to hear her “pitch slam.” (It’s kind of like speed dating for writers – you pitch your book idea to an agent.) To Gabriela’s surprise, this man ended up being a Writer’s Digest agent. After hearing her pitch, he gave her his card and said to send him the book proposal. Gabriela notes before jumping the gun she contacted an old colleague, Jeff Kleinman. After talking to him, she ended up signing him as her agent. The first thing he told her was that her site and social numbers needed to improve, so Gabriela spent two and a half years building her platform. She grew her business, spoke at conferences, made connections, and got her name out there. At the end of December of 2014, she signed the book writing contract, and DIY MFA took off.

Gabriela believes people should write their book; it’s an accomplishment that gives the author three extra tools for their writing toolbox.

  1. Publishing a book is a credibility builder for your career.
  2. Writing your book gives you visibility as an author.
  3. The journey of writing the book makes you clarify your ideas.

Gabriela’s Write with Focus Techniques

Writing advice from Gabriela to help you power through writing a book.

  • Pick one. Zero in and make a choice on what you want to do, what you want to write about, and figure out where your heart is. Stick with it until the end. Remember, if you say “no” to something, you’re saying yes to the thing you want.
  • Revise. Take your revisions as far as you can. Start editing the important part of your book: voice, characters, plot. After you’ve reviewed those elements to make sense of your story, you can move to the scene-by-scene. Look at the dialogue and description. You don’t want to go through a manuscript line-by-line with a red pen if you’re going to end up deleting portions of the book.
  • Keep writing. Avoid the “Shiny Object” syndrome, and focus on writing the one thing your heart tells you to do. Keep pushing through. Writing in the middle of the book is the most daunting task for a lot of writers. Keep thinking about the story and how to keep your readers along for the journey.

The great benefit of Gabriela’s advice is you can use this approach for any written project in your business.

To keep up with Gabriela and DIY MFA, visit the website here. Also, if you’re a newbie to the writing industry, blogger, or established author, Gabriela has a writing podcast for you: DIYMFA.com/iTunes (iTunes), DIYMFA.com/StitcherRadio (Stitcher Radio), DIYMFA.com/GooglePlay (Google Play).

You can also follow her on social media:

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DIY MFA Starter Kit

DIY MFA: Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, Build Your Community

Financial Fluency #100 - Write With Focus with Gabriela Pereira

Gabriela Pereira is a writer, speaker, and self-proclaimed word nerd who wants to challenge the status quo of higher education. As the founder and instigator of DIYMFA.com, her mission is to empower writers to take an entrepreneurial approach to their professional growth. Gabriela earned her MFA in creative writing from The New School and teaches at national conferences, regional workshops, and online.

She is also the host of DIY MFA Radio, a popular podcast where she interviews bestselling authors. Her book DIY MFA: WRITE WITH FOCUS, READ WITH PURPOSE, BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY is out now from Writer’s Digest Books.

Episode #99 – The Process Pixie with Carrie Hawson

Ever wonder how you can keep your business running with minimal effort? Today on Financial Fluency, I’m excited to have Carrie Hawson with me. Carrie is The Process Pixie, and she helps female entrepreneurs and business owners construct processes to run their businesses efficiently.

In her prior life, Carrie was a CPA and worked for a corporate company preparing and reviewing US tax returns for expatriates. Her company transferred her to Belgium—where she currently calls home with her husband. For Carrie, moving back to the U.S. wasn’t an option when her former company extended the then-contract and asked her to travel back to America. She decided to stay in Belgium. Before founding The Process Pixie in September of 2016, Carrie opened her own yoga class offering prenatal and postnatal yoga lessons in a private setting. Her yoga business allowed her to enter the online world where she tried to market her brand in a niche market. During this time, Carrie met other women who needed to grow their business, too, but needed a way off the hamster wheel in order to scale up.

On the show, Carrie recounts her first time working with processes. In college, she had a job at a real estate company, and part of her job was to train the person who was going to fill her role when she went back to school. First, Carrie made a checklist of what needed to get done, so it was easy to train her successor. This comprehensive list is now what she calls “workflows” in her business.

Our conversation includes Carrie’s best advice on how to regain time and power back from the mundane tasks. She suggests the following:

  • Streamline as much as you can before handing it off;
  • You don’t have to hire someone online; you can get a free resource. Hire an intern from your local college or university to help you get things done;
  • Outsource any repetitive tasks that you’re doing or tasks you don’t like doing, and the stuff you don’t have time to do;
  • Hire for the things you don’t know how to do.

Carrie currently offers three packages to help her clients automate, systemize, and get their time back. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Carrie has the skills and knowledge to help get you out of the weeds. Her goal is to help clients focus on the high-level tasks they most enjoy doing in their business.

Carrie Shares Her Personal Message

“Simple systems! When it comes to finance you want to keep it simple. Work with an expert or experts. But make sure that you are educated enough to ask them informed questions. And if they can’t explain things to you in extremely simple terms, then they have no idea what they are talking about.”


“You should only be doing the things that you cannot be replaced for.” So you can either:

  1. Automate so things are happening without needing your input.


  1. Outsource and delegate to someone else.

To find out more about Carrie and how she can help you keep your business running with minimal effort, visit her website: http://theprocesspixie.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carrierhawson/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theprocesspixieposse/

Periscope: @carrierhawson

Instagram: @carrierhawson

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Carrie’s star chart  –  Use it to track your progress towards goals or savings.

Financial Fluency #99 - The Process Pixie with Carrie Hawson

Carrie Hawson is The Process Pixie. She helps female entrepreneurs and small business owners, who are running service-based businesses online. She adores helping them find the fun in creating systems. This allows them to experience more freedom in their lives.

Carrie is a mompreneur and sometimes she can get overwhelmed with kids, work, and life. But ever since she was a child, she has been good at creating plans to achieve her goals and then executing those plans.

Carrie has 15+ years of experience creating systems for a wide range of businesses. And she has a lot of fun doing it!