#54 Project Positive Change with Leigh Daniel

Financial Fluency Episode #54: Project Positive Change with Leigh Daniel

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Project Positive Change is something I have been excited about for nearly a year!

Every day there are more individuals saying “I’m choosing to be a light, and to spread that instead”.

And Leigh, with PPC, is giving those people a platform. People who want to share their message and want to give hope to other people.

There are two sides to the project, as a platform for people’s message and also as a community, with opportunities for joint ventures and support.

Leigh has so many ideas – PPC Publishing, University, Speakers arm, Outreach to the Middle East and India, Radio – the sky is the limit!

You can click here to join Project Positive Change.

Listen in below to find out more about Leigh and how Project Positive Change came about


For as long as she can remember, Leigh  wanted to have a “different life” as a small girl in a small town.

She hadn’t been out of the southern United States, but wanted to be a student of the world. Her first big break came when she followed the suggestion of a professor and  went to law school. Within one year of graduating, she struck out on her own.

She poured her heart and soul into her practice until – after almost 20 years – she began to feel the heavy effects of divorce practice. Despite her successful practice and reputation as a tough litigant, she was filled with sadness.

She has spent the last several years firmly deciding to be happy.

These days she does workshops and has spoken to hundreds of people about transformation. Twice a year she presents to people from all over the world in Key West, Florida, with her partner Jonathan Benjamin at Possibilities in Paradise.

You can find out more here.

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