#29 Family finances with Megan Purnell

Financial Fluency Episode #29: Family Finances with Megan Purnell

Today on Financial Fluency, I am happy to have Megan Purnell on the show to chat about Family Finances. She’s is a woman after my own heart – we both LOVE to talk about money! Megan is passionate about helping families find financial freedom after she did just that for her own.

We talk about the costs and savings of diets, how the entry barrier has been lowered to savings accounts and much much more!

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Favorite Quotes

We don’t talk about money and debt enough – Megan

Holy! This adds up to $40,000 – Megan

We got our first bedframe after being married for 6 years! – Megan

I can’t tell you how much automating finances can change your life – Megan

Meet with 3 advisers and not just your bank. Cool innovative ones – Megan

Megan PurnellMegan Purnell is a cash flow expert for families who just don’t know where to start.
Through her step-by-step online courses, she turns average spenders into confident growing investors.

Students have called Megan “a true money genius”, not only stemming from her background in banking, corporate finance, a business degree (BBA) + accounting diploma, but her real life test of ditching her consumer debt to live wealthy on a less-than-average single income.

Meet Megan + find your money inspiration at www.meganpurnell.com

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