#91 Livestream and Profit with Katya Varbanova

Episode #91 Livestream and Profit with Katya Varbanova

Ever wonder how to turn livestreams into income?  This week, we have LiveStreamKatya, a Live streamer and a strategist who helps Entrepreneurs livestream and profit, growing their audience online.

When Katya started her online business in 2015, Katya was working as the right hand of a high profile Executive Managing Director in London.  Despite having a great deal of responsibility, the job was not overly stressful, and she was able to develop a business on the side.

Katya discovered Periscope quite by accident, in fact to quote her, out of boredom.  Once she started getting to know the platform, she saw the potential in it, and started a community so that she could combine efforts with others so that they could all get 10,000 followers each. From that idea came Peri10K, a free community Katya created, in which the members supported each other, and created and shared content together, attracting more followers.

The members created a show called the Share-a-thon, which was a daily livestream show where one topic was discussed and members would share all their followers.  The high quality of the speakers and interesting topics allowed the group to grow very quickly.  Within a couple of weeks, the group had grown exponentially, and Katya was spending countless hours after her 9-5 and on the weekends to support it.   She then realized she had to decide whether to keep it, or shut it down.  At this point, she was not making any money with it.  When someone suggested that she charge a monthly fee for the group, Katya set it up and saw her membership grow to 60 members within 30 days, which was enough to quit her 9-5.    

She tiered the membership levels, so that the early birds got in for $15 per month and 20 people signed up.  The next 20 people signed up at $30 per month and the next 20 people signed up at $50 per month.  She also incorporated as soon as she started to charge to minimize tax implications.

From the initial platform of Periscope, Katya added a blog that quickly had thousands of viewers, and that she invited others to guest post on.  They also started monthly masterminds, hot seats, a Peri10K app and eventually training on live streaming.  

Today Katya defines Peri10K as a mastermind that does 2 things:  keeps members accountable, and give them the support and knowledge that they need to succeed.  The monthly membership rate went up to $75 per month, and then to its current level of $97 per month.  Membership is by application, and is only open a few times a year.  There are currently somewhere around 150 members.  

Many people find that livestreams on their business page tends to be much less followed than those on personal pages.  In order to grow your Facebook business presence, Katya recommends going live as often as you can on your business page, and not on your personal page.  Firstly because visitors on your business page can be tracked, unlike personal page followers, and secondly because it is actually against Facebook’s terms and conditions to do any selling, and if someone complains, Facebook can shut down your page, no questions asked and without warning.

For help with tracking viewers on Periscope, there is a software called Fullscope.tv  that is available for $20 per month, which allows you to see who was there and read and respond to the comments.  You can also collect emails by having your followers put their email addresses in the comments, and mast export them.    

Because Twitter and Periscope are part of the same company, you can easily reach out to your followers very easily.

Today, Katya generally prefers Facebook for live streaming supported by ads to target the right audience.  While Instagram live is great for nurturing followers and hosting giveaways, it doesn’t allow you to share content.  Live.ly and Live.me are great for the under 18 crowd and allows you to actually make money from their live broadcasts.  Busker allows you to sell products on the platform or get tips.  It links to your stripe account, and people can buy right from your broadcast.   

Connect with Katya

You can connect with Katya on her Youtube channel at  bit.ly/katyayoutube, on Periscope  at  periscope.tv/livestreamkatya, on LinkedIn at https://uk.linkedin.com/in/livestreamkatya , on Facebook at Facebook.com/livestreamkatya and Instagram at instagram.com/livestreamkatya.

Social: @LiveStreamKatya everywhere.
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Get Katya’s free Video Planner called Show up Already, the Live Video Planner to Stop You Scheming and Get You Streaming at http://www.peri10k.com/live-video-planner/

Peri10K:  http://www.peri10k.com/

Busker:  https://busker.co/

Live.ly for iPhone:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/live-ly-live-video-streaming/id1085024470?mt=8

Live.ly for Android:   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zhiliaoapp.lively&hl=en

Live.me:  https://www.liveme.com/

Periscope:  https://www.pscp.tv/

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#91 - Livestream and Profit with Katya Varbanova

LiveStreamKatya is a Live streamer and a strategist who helps Entrepreneurs utilize live streaming to grow their audience online and generate revenue. With over 35,000 social fans, she’s one of the early adopters on Periscope who quickly learned the ways of the platform and was able to validate and build her business idea, and within 90 days she quit her banking job.

She is the CEO of Peri10k, which is a community for speakers and live streamers and she helps entrepreneurs share their message through live streaming. Today, she is one of the 50 (out of millions of users) GOLD VIP Broadcaster with over 22,000 followers on Periscope and is passionate about teaching others how to generate revenue through live streaming.

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