#81 Publicity with Purpose with Heather DeSantis

Episode #81 Publicity with Purpose with Heather DeSantis

Today I am pleased to have Heather DeSantis on the show. Heather does Public Relations for small and mid-size companies, in particular entrepreneurs that would like to be internationally known for their cause and mission.

Heather is currently working on a variety of different PR projects including several big media tours for clients.  As well, in honor of Random Acts of Kindness Week, she has created a media campaign contest to drive awareness for a group called In between Girls, which raises awareness for Tween Girls and will allow its founder to share her message nationally and locally in a big way during a period of two weeks.

She also is attending two of the largest media conferences in order to meet some people in the media to best serve her clients.  

Having a great passion for working with people who have a great purpose, Heather is growing a Facebook group called Publicity with Purpose.  This group will be posting free media leads.  Members of the group can comment on the lead links that they feel might be a good fit for them, and Heather and her team will give them free publicity.  

Her start in PR began when she worked at an advertising agency for three years.  There she was involved in media promotions for food brands, NFL networks and Yahoo sports.   She left in June 2015 with full intentions of becoming an entrepreneur.  She began her business in earnest in April 2016.  While there has been great ease in her first year in terms of referrals and growth, there have also been challenges too.  Specifically, in learning what works for her, controlling her spending, not doing what everyone else is doing just because and so on.  

Her model focuses on discovering her client’s key message, who is their ideal consumer, buyer and follower, and find out the most direct way to serve that person.  With the online market being over saturated, Heather brings her clients together with people who really resonate with their message and need them in person.  She also gets her clients’ calendars booked with interviews, and writes their content as well.

Heather offers a number of packages that are tailored to where her clients are starting from and where they want to go. You can reach out to Heather via her website at  www.desantispr.com on Twitter at @HeatherDeSantis, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DeSantisPR and on IG: prgirlboss.

Heather Shares her Message  

“Purpose Before Profit — If you focus on your MISSION and your WHY, your story and product will improve the lives of others. Then the profit will come!”

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In Between Girls Organization:  http://inbetweengirls.org/

Publicity with Purpose Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/242794222767468/


Heather has been in the Public Relations Industry for 5+ years and has worked with nationally known experts in the fields of Finances, Taxes, Entrepreneurship, Personal Productivity, Self Love, Positively Impacting Teen Girls, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Alzheimer’s and Aging, Sex Trafficking, Women In Tech, Christianity, Medical Devices, Mompreneurs, Food, Charities among many other topics.

Since beginning her own business in March of 2016 she has worked with over 1,500 media members and has learned how to authentically connect with them.

All experts now have a strong following AND have already been featured in outlets such as The Huffington Post, US News & World Report, The Washington Post, CBS, FOX and ABC and have more than 100+ opportunities that will come to fruition in the next 2 months.

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