#25 Creating passive income with Sylvie McCracken

Financial Fluency Episode #25: Creating Passive Income with Sylvie McCracken

I’ve known Sylvie McCracken for a little while and she was one of the first ever Periscopers I followed!

As an entrepreneur it can be hard to think that the buck stops with you. The effect on your income of a child being off school, or something like breaking a leg can be huge. Sylvie understands this and believes that passive income is something which ALL of us entrepreneurs should have as a kind of insurance.

We talked about outsourcing, health, what iTunes meant for passive income and more.

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Favourite Quotes!

This has got to be a business. Aint nobody got time for hobbies right now – Sylvie on getting into blogging

It’s addictive – I want to outsource everything – Sylvie on outsourcing

Have them organize your child’s party with a pony! – Jen on the first steps into outsourcing

When the internet decides to break, it’s all hands on deck. So I have three coders. – Sylvie

Passive income seems like the golden goose – Jen

I think of passive income as like insurance for entrepreneurs – Sylvie

We were kind of luddites – Jen on finally getting her music on iTunes


Fancy Hands

Sylvie McCracken Sylvie McCracken helps passionate entrepreneurs create passive income with ebooks, so they can enjoy more freedom in business and life.

After a decade in the entertainment industry, Sylvie started her first business in the nutrition and health industry. After passing the 6 figure mark in 18 months with ebooks, she set out to teach other entrepreneurs how to do the same with a big focus onefficiency.

Sylvie’s past and current clients range from bloggers to medical professionals. Find her at SylvieMcCracken.com

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