#12 Off the grid with Sarah Liddle

Financial Fluency Episode #12: Off The Grid with Sarah Liddle

This week I’m chatting with Sarah Liddle. Sarah lives totally off the grid, as did my husband and I for a while so I was really excited to talk about her experiences.

We talked about the financial freedom which comes from living in this way as well some of the unique challenges it brings.

As well as challenges, it brings great opportunities for teaching children (and grown ups!) to learn to think and solve problems cognitively, instead of relying on a computer.

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Meet Sarah!

Sarah Liddle
Sarah Liddle is a certified professional coach, wellness teacher, healer, writer, and the founder and director of Coach School. Sarah has been published in YFS Magazine, Huffington Post, Evercoach, Succeed Magazine, Inner Self, The Art of Healing, Insight and Vision Magazine.

She holds a diploma in Life & Career Coaching, as well as a diploma in human resource management, and earned an International Certificate in Life Coaching through the International Coaching Academy, a Certificate in Adult Teaching, a Certificate 1 & 2 in Body Ecology, and a Level 3 Masters Certificate in Reiki. Sarah is also currently studying a Bachelors of Law and will be graduating in 2016. With Sarah, you’re in hands that were built to carry your career to the next level.

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