Episode #104 – Connect With Your Inner Child with Shirley Harvey

Have you ever thought about your life’s calling to do the work you were meant to do? Today on Financial Fluency, I am pleased to have Shirley Harvey with me. Shirley is a writer, illustrator, and artist from the UK now living in Montreal, Canada. For Shirley, drawing and writing were always passions of hers as a child – so she remains connected to her inner child.

On this episode, Shirley shared how disappointed and disillusioned she felt after graduating university. She stopped creating and trained to become a homeopath. For her, becoming a homeopath opened her up to a whole new world of working with energy and spirituality. When her husband was offered a job abroad, she knew it was her calling to move and start over.

So in 2013, Shirley moved to Montreal with her husband and son. When she realized she was unable to practice homeopathic medicine in Canada, she started to draw and write again as a way to discover herself. It was during this time Shirley recounts her marriage was falling apart, and Shirley and her husband decided to divorce. She was a single mom living in the inner-city with no car during the harsh winter months with her son. Shirley had no job and didn’t speak French. She tells me “It was like I was standing on the edge of the cliff, and all my monsters were behind me yelling to jump off.”

That moment in her life led her to open her Etsy shop selling prints and self-publishing her books. Shirley has six books out and is currently working on a seventh. She plans to ramp up her marketing message and take her books to a book fair in Toronto. Ultimately, Her goal is to get her books into the right hands of the right people. Shirley says she has a gift that allows her to see life in the bigger perspective; she can bring the obscure into layman’s terms with beautiful pictures or poems.

Shirley’s Message

For so many people, we see the overnight success—not the years of struggle. Follow your dreams, be creative, and come back into alignment with your soul’s true purpose.

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To find out more about Shirley and her books visit her website shirleyharvey.com or you can follow her on social media:

#104 - Connect With Your Inner Child with Shirley Harvey

Shirley writes and illustrates children’s books that help connect families. Her work is a mixture of rhyming verse and adorable animal pictures that explore emotions and life circumstances, opening up conversations about more difficult topics while providing comfort and humour parents can share with their children.

Although her books are perfect for children aged 6 and up, they are a must for the whole family who want to reconnect with their inner child.  

British born and raised, she now lives in Montreal with her son and two cats, Bruce and MissFits.

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