Biz Buddies Podcast #1 We Are Here to Make Friends

Biz Buddies Podcast #1 – We ARE Here To Make Friends

This inaugural episode of Biz Buddies Podcast is a quick introduction to why we wanted to do the podcast. Being an online entrepreneur or freelancer can be lonely. Jen Turrell and Niamh Arthur have been Biz Buddies for a year and a half, scheduling weekly calls not to instruct, coach, or formally do anything for each other, but by being genuine friends they have helped and done more for each other than coaches or employees often can. In this episode, they set their intention to pull aside the curtain and let the world in on the behind the scenes of their own online businesses, the good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome. Here they will chat, plot, plan, rant, rave and sometimes ugly cry about the ups and downs of online entrepreneurship.

Jen Turrell:

Niamh Arthur:

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