Financial Fluency Episode #57 Smart Future Planning with Nicole Wipp

Today on Financial Fluency, I am  so excited to have the amazing Nicole Wipp with me today. Nicole is a master of juggling multiple businesses.

She owns the Family and Aging Law Center in Michigan, focusing on elder law and asset protection. She’s the host of the Smart Planning 101 podcast, the founder of Wipp Enterprises, focusing on business and personal development, and does corporate consulting on the side!

In this episode, Nicole will share with us about the importance of preparing for the future, either for care for your ailing parents, or care for you children, should you be found with a disability or should they have a disability, like autism.

Nicole shares in depth about her illness, early in 2015, where she ended up in the hospital with a rare lung disease. It required her to be hospitalized for 30 days, receive over 50 medications, 4 surgeries, and her husband, 4 year old, and multiple businesses were left to make it on their own while she figured out exactly what was going on.

Luckily her business was set up in such a way that it was able to function and go on without her for a full 90 days while she was in recovery.

Her program Innate impact created out of this experience, to help entrepreneurs be prepared for temporary disability so their businesses can be self sustaining.


  • “The goal of smart planning is to reduce the overwhelm.” – Nicole
  • “The day that I signed the special needs trust for my kids, I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.” -JT
  • “Being a caregiver, whether for children with needs or parents with needs, is one of the hardest things that we can do as human beings.” – Nicole
  • “Understand that if you are a caregiver, you HAVE to take care of yourself!” – Nicole
  • “One in ten Americans has a rare disease.” – Nicole
  • “As a mother, I was like, I cannot die, this child needs me.” – Nicole
  • “Make sure, if you are a business owner, that you set up your business so it can run without you.” – Nicole
  • “When you have a really profound understanding of yourself it makes your business a lot easier.” – Nicole
  • “Innate impact is about being able to say, ‘Yes, I am great!’” – Nicole
  • “It’s about being powerful in a positive way.” – Nicole

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nicole-redNicole Wipp specializes in elder law, asset protection, and estate planning.  Her office, the Family & Aging Law Center, serves the Metro Detroit area.  Nicole also consults with attorneys nationwide. She has a booming law and consulting practice, a rich personal life, a #1 bestselling book, a podcast that produces clients, and she’s surviving a rare lung disease like a champ.  She’s started and grown 3 six-figure businesses, and one 7-figure business.

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