Episode #90 Leverage Your Image with Rachel Nachmias

Would you like to learn how to leverage your image to create a 7 figure effortless style that is uniquely you?  Rachel Nachmias, Founder of Best Dressed Image & Color Consulting can teach you how so if Oprah calls, you will know what to wear! 

Despite being a creative, Rachel enrolled in Bryn Mawr College in Philadelphia to study Political Science, thinking this was her path, and made art her hobby.  After two years, she realized that her true love was in fashion design, so she switched to Parsons School of Design.  Despite her chosen field, Rachel privately struggled with her own style whilst attending Parsons, and beyond.  Somewhat by accident, Rachel discovered some tools that helped her define her unique personal style, which gave her confidence and a healthy body image, and decided that she needed to bring this knowledge to the world.

Rachel became a Certified 12 Blueprints Personal Colour Analyst, which allows her to help clients identify the colours that work best with their colouring and features.  Ideally this is done in person, or via one of her colleagues that is local to the client.   Color analysis is one of several tools that Rachel uses to identify her clients’ unique style.

In color analysis, the three properties that are considered are hue (warm or cool), value (light or dark) and chroma (bright or soft).  When several colors are adjusted to similar levels for these three properties, they will harmonize together.  

Rachel shares three concepts that require a good understanding of in order to zero in on the style that works for your brand, goals, shape and personality:  

  1. Know where you want to go in your business, and who you want to attract;
  2. Identify how you dream of presenting yourself;
  3. Consider your shape when choosing clothing, makeup and hairstyles.

Rachel highly recommends that foundation clothing, especially bras, be properly fitted so that clothes will fit properly.  In fact, many a time her clothing shopping with clients begins with a professional bra fitting.  In addition, factoring in proper tailoring clothing is so important towards fit and comfort.  

Designers typically design clothing in much smaller sizes, called vanity sizing, which are in fact 2 sizes smaller than the retail versions. Many designers stop at size 10 as well, even though the average American woman is a size 16.  Finding the retail stores that sell clothing that work for you will make shopping all the more pleasurable.

Rachel Shares her Message

“I help badass boss ladies of all shapes and sizes create a 7 figure style so that they can leverage their image in their business and become the go to expert in their industry. My message is about dressing (and living) with intention and learning to work with your natural physical design to create an effortlessly beautiful personal style. I do this work because I want to help women look and feel beautiful so they can move on to creating the life they want and making the difference they want to make in the world. “

Connect with Rachel

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Leverage Your Image with Rachel Nachmias

Rachel Nachmias is the international bestselling author of The Face of the Business and founder of Best Dressed Image & Color Consulting. As a graduate of the fashion design program at Parsons the New School for Design, Rachel began her career working behind the scenes of some of New York’s top designer labels.

While working as a freelance fashion and costume designer, Rachel discovered life-changing tools that transformed her own personal style and she decided she had to share them with the world. Since then, Rachel has worked her magic on the images and lives of hundreds of clients, turning frustrated ducklings into the beautiful, stylish swans they were always meant to be. She has now shifted her discerning eye to female entrepreneurs, helping them to become camera-ready women of style who know just what to wear when Oprah calls.

Rachel lives in Philadelphia with her husband, her three fluffy toy dogs, and her collection of sparkly chandelier earrings. She enjoys traveling the world, sampling perfume, and curating cheese boards.

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