Episode #107 – Blow Up Instagram by Keepin’ It Real with Rachel Bell

Where do you get started with Instagram? Does your photo feed get lost with other accounts on the platform? Today on Financial Fluency, I’m excited to have Rachel Bell with me. Rachel is an Instagram influencer and co-founder of Trill Media. Trill Media is an Instagram marketing agency helping brands grow large, organic followings.

On the show, Rachel shares how to use Instagram to drive business growth. She goes in-depth and explains why Instagram is the top social media platform for businesses today and how you can replicate those results. Rachel says 2017 is the year for Instagram because of the new business features they’ve added.

Influencer marketing is huge. Thousands of people successfully monetize their Instagram accounts every day, sometimes with a single post. And well-known brands have the budget to spent $5,000 – $25,000 for a sponsored post. Rachel says if you’re a model, live in LA, or have a large following, paid sponsorship is great way to monetize your account. If you have a smaller following, you can run targeted ads to help boost your page.

With her own feed, @drivenyounglady, Rachel aims to connect with millennial women. She wants to give her followers inspiration and advice from her entrepreneurial journey. As a social media strategist who helps make her clients go viral, she’s rediscovering what it means to have her brand on the social media platform.

Rachel mentions the shelf life for content on Instagram is short. Thousands of people are posting and using hashtags every second, and it’s easy to get lost in the noise. If you want to gain new followers, Rachel shares that you have to post 1-3 tailored photos daily. Continuous posting will help you build and gain trust with your audience. She mentions it can be a lot of work to keep posts engaging, relevant, and likable. Her strategy? Leverage viral content.

Rachel’s Tips to Boost Your Instagram Account

If you want to have authentic followers, you have to nurture your Instagram. Follow these tips to help get your account off the ground:

  • Write good content—but know that’s not all. You need to engage with followers and other people’s followers to get more visibility on your account.
  • Cross-pollinate with another account. Feature someone else’s photo with a photo credit, or take part in a shout-for-shout with a handle that has a similar account following
  • Use hashtags. Instagram’s hashtags help categorize and rank your account. Sometimes, it’s smart to go outside of those no-brainer hashtags; it depends on the goal of your photo.
  • Steal like an artist. Research what people want to see in your niche. Find related accounts and look at the best-performing accounts and posts. Get an average like and comment total and see what looks abnormal. Replicate those highly engaged posts with your style and aesthetic.
  • Cut through the noise. Instagram had no SEO except for your username, handle, and bio. Tailor your profile to match keywords relevant to your niche and accounts like yours.

People naturally want to be brand ambassadors for brands they know and trust. It’s about creating shareable photos.

You can connect with Rachel via her company’s website at

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If you want to learn the basic principles to grow your Instagram account, check out Rachel’s in-depth ebook, Instagram Secrets: Get your first 100,000 followers on Instagram with our proven method.

You can also join Rachel’s free Facebook group, Become a Social Media Manager.

107 - Blow Up Instagram by Keepin' It Real with Rachel Bell

Rachel is an Instagram influencer and co-founder of Trill Media, an Instagram marketing agency focused on helping brands grow a large, 100% organic following so that they can boost influence and go viral. After testing all the typical strategies on Instagram, she has found ways to crack the code and gain a massive following – without using any automation or bots. Now, Rachel has used these tactics to form partnerships with other influencers, create a network of over 25 million users, and amassed a total following of over 450,000 across different accounts.

Episode #106 – One More Woman with Jennifer Love

Do you know what, how, and when to measure and track key performance indicators (KPIs) in your business? Today on Financial Fluency, I’m excited to have Jennifer Love with me. Jennifer is an entrepreneur, advisor, and CEO and founder of One More Woman. Jennifer has advised Fortune 200 businesses, celebrities, and high-performing entrepreneurs. She’s even helped raise over $100 million in venture capital funding.

On the show, Jennifer tells me how her entrepreneurial career began. She was in graduate school studying to be CIA/FBI strategist when she received an interesting project: write a business plan for a casino. Jennifer admits she had no clue how to write a business plan. Twenty years ago, there wasn’t much available at her fingertips online. So she turned to books and working with the casino to understand the mindset of the customers. After Jennifer had submitted her proposal, the casino funded it.

Today, Jennifer strives to make sure women entrepreneurs do not feel alone. When women lack confidence or devalue themselves in business, it translates into how much money they make. So Jennifer created what she wished she had back in the day, One More Woman. One More Woman is an accelerator for female entrepreneurs who want to grow their revenue 10x and master financial literacy.

Her vision is to create an army of women entrepreneurs who move into successful businesses. She sees women redistributing their wealth around the world and making the impact they were born to make. Jennifer wants women to break through everything that’s holding them back in an environment that’s supportive and helpful.

Jennifer is hosting a 3-day Money Activation event in NYC that will help you understand your business and make numbers fun, so you feel empowered to make decisions. At the end of the course, you will:

  • Eliminate the stress that’s keeping you stuck when you are in your business.
  • Know how and what to track in your business so you can consistently generate income and make informed choices about where to invest.
  • Have a clear plan, financial model, and flow set up for your business that’s optimized to help you save time and money.

To learn more about Jennifer, visit her website or follow her on social media:


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If you can’t make the Money Activation event happening July 17th – 19th in NYC, visit Jennifer’s website: for two programs to keep up with:

#106 - One More Woman with Jennifer Love

Award winning, Shark Tank conquering, $100M+ raising, 17+ years under her high heels as a 5x serial entrepreneur, whose international wholesale chocolate company, NibMor, was named amongst the top US food and beverage companies of 2016. Jennifer Love is a trailblazer with a heart that matches her name. She’s an Agent of Abundance and the visionary CEO of One More Woman, the movement leading high-impact women entrepreneurs in 2 – 10xing revenue annually and becoming masterful with finances. She’s an eternal optimist grounded in hard analytics and believes ANYTHING is possible. In her words, “It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of how.”

Episode #78 Visibility and Movement with Linda Ugelow

Today I am pleased to have Linda Ugelow on the show. Linda is a Visibility and Confidence coach with a Master’s degree in Expressive Therapy.  In her work, Linda helps people clear the visibility blocks that keep them from moving forward through movement.

Linda shares how when you are able to identify these impacting influences and clear them away, suddenly you have so much more energy and confidence. This then makes putting yourself out there a peak experience and you can thrive in the connecting instead of wishing for the moment to end. Linda herself has been a performer for 35 years as a dancer, and although she is comfortable dancing in front of others, she was not at all comfortable speaking on stage.  In fact, she would avoid it at all costs. It took a process for her to feel confident enough to introduce herself on stage, and now brings her knowledge to others.

Our conversation explores how historically women have not been very well prepared to deal with wealth.  It was men who took the financial reins most of the time, even when it was the woman who had the money to begin with – it’s just the way things were done. With more and more wealth coming into women’s lives through various mediums, be it self-generated, inherited or as a settlement, women are having to learn how to manage having wealth and the visibility that it inevitably brings about. Fear of losing the money, guilt of having more than others, fear of being judged, or not fitting in with their peers is a reality for many women who have wealth.

Prior to starting her online business, Linda she was an organic farmer, growing specialty vegetables for local restaurants which fit her introverted personality. Inspired by business coaches like Marie Forleo, she began applying all of the concepts of niche marketing to obtain raving fans to her own business. She soon came to the realization that she herself wanted to help others grow, and that was what she was meant to do.

Today accessibility to online business tools is easier than ever, and it is allowing for more women to start up businesses with little capital investment. When she started her business about 1 ½ years ago, Linda was bootstrapping it, and she was very proud of that. She felt as though walking the walk was more credible in her quest to help others create their future with little monetary investment. When her mother passed, she inherited some money, and found herself in a position to be able to to invest in her business. This created a struggle within herself as she felt that she was somehow cheating, and had to do a lot of money block clearing.

We also discuss the impact an inheritance has on our children, and how having the conversations beforehand can really make a difference in their success. Also, avoiding having strings or conditions for obtaining the inheritance can establish a healthier attitude towards money in general in our children, and empower them to make the best possible decisions for themselves.

Linda Shares Her Message Here

Many entrepreneurs and business women feel uncomfortable speaking publicly on camera or live on stage. This impacts the opportunities that they have available to them to get in front of their audience to get known and to share their knowledge. The fear itself is what is so uncomfortable and it feels impenetrable. However, It’s really more like layers of veils comprised of impacting past experiences, limiting self and cultural beliefs, your own thinking process.

My process and suggestions are to:
1) Release these past impacting memories, beliefs and practices;
2) Restore your sense of safety being seen and heard;
3) Expand your capacity to hold more feelings of confidence, relaxation, gratitude;
4) Rehearse for refined communication;
5) Relay your message with your new radiant presence.

Getting on camera or stage doesn’t have to be dreaded. It can, in fact, be a peak experience and one that you look forward to expand your sense of being.


  • “The guilt with inheriting money does seem to fall heavier on women from my observations.”  -Jen Turrell
  • “I feel that in terms of passing on a nest egg to our children is more about us helping them identify what they feel a life worth living is about, and identify ways that they feel compelled to make a difference in the world.”  – Linda Ugelow

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Financial Fluency Podcast, Linda UgelowLinda Ugelow is a Visibility and Confidence coach helping entrepreneurs overcome self consciousness being seen and heard, whether live on stage, TV, on video or in front of the photographer’s camera. With her Master’s in expressive therapies and 35 years of performing experience, she get’s her clients comfortable in their skin so their inner authority, presence and charisma shine through. She has been featured on Positively Positive, The Huffington Post, the Positive Psychology Program, and Mind-Body Green.

You can connect with Linda on her website at, on Instagram at and on her Facebook page at