Biz Buddies Episode #6 — What’s Up September?

In today’s episode Jen and Niamh jam about the kids going back to school, the school commute, schedules changing, the rhythm of the school year and the pains in the butt that come along with it, as well as the ease once we get back in step with it all.

Niamh is doing her fantastic 30-day Ignite Video Challenge! Want to join in Jen’s circle so she can watch your videos every day, comment on them and support your through the journey? Here is the link to join and be in Jen’s Circle! It’s never too late to start!

We also talked more about the results from Niamh’s Challenges With Impact Program. This will be available to the public in October, after the current crop of live students finish and after the Ignite Video Challenge is over. So if you want to learn how to create Challenges With Impact too, stay tuned for when this becomes available to you!


The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Jen’s Podcast Power Planning Session

Jen’s Mastering Money Matters program

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Biz Buddies Episode #5 – The Crux of Consistency

In today’s episode Jen and Niamh jam about consistency, the good, the bad, the stagnant and the strategic. Where are you consistent? Do you ever get into a consistency rut? Just doing things because you’ve been told to do them and because you are used to doing them, may not be the best strategy for growth and expansion.

There are different ways to be consistent, some are day by day, week by week, but others are more seasonal. Launching 3 times a year or doing a challenge twice a year are where Niamh’s consistency shows through, which Jen is consistent with podcast, video and written content week after week, month after month. Let’s talk about all the options.


Marie Forleo BSchool

Financial Fluency Podcast

Niamh’s 100 Books A Year Challenge

Jen’s 100 Books A Year Challenge

Niamh’s Ignite 30 Day Video Challenge

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Biz Buddies Episode #4 – The Paradox of Planning

Niamh and Jen both love to plan, but looking back over past plans, the plans often have little to do with what ends up happening. So, what is the purpose of planning? How much does planning help? How much do we love our planners and calendars and other planning tools? And what kind of planning really helps the most? Find out in this episode!

Jen’s Gold Savor the Success Planner

Getting Things Done, David Allen

Jen’s Juicy Link for Fancy Hands

90 Day Year Program and Planner

Jen’s Mastering Money Matters 6-week course


Niamh’s Challenges with Impact link

Niamh’s Rocketbook Everlast

Niamh’s Ignite 30 Day Video Challenge