Episode #102 – Wealthology with Michelle Lowbridge

Do you feel like you’ve hit an income ceiling and you have to work really hard to earn more money? Today on Financial Fluency, I’m excited to have my guest Michelle Lowbridge with us. Michelle is the author of Wealthology: The Science of Smashing Money Blocks  and a teacher on unlocking the human potential. She helps people identify and understand why they’re not reaching their full potential.

In this episode, Michelle talks about how she built her business and saw success within 48 hours. She started her journey when she was pregnant with her son. At the time, Michelle wasn’t making much money at her brick-and-mortar kinesiology practice, and decided it was time to close the shop so she could take a year off after her baby, Jackson was born. She knew she wanted to have an online business, but didn’t quite know what that meant. Michelle’s first attempt was with her first course “Happiness for Mums.” The course focused on mindset manifestations and opening yourself up to opportunities. She recalls nothing happened. In fact, she got two sales from her friends and that was it.

After taking some time to discover what her own underlying “upper limit problem” was, Michelle pinpointed the story she was creating in her head. This story was causing the money blocks and prevented her from unlocking her full potential. After completing her mindset exercises, Michelle remembers feeling better within the first 24 hours. With her newfound energy, Michelle posted in the Lucky Bitch Facebook group if anyone wanted to practice the exercises with her. To her surprise, there was an influx of people ready to sign up. Today, she has 31 practitioners.

By 2016 Michelle had built a successful business model. People were flying from all over the world to train with her, she had a bestselling book, and was running a high-level mentorship. After the high of doing a two-day training, she found herself inexplicably low. Despite having recently moved her family into their dream home, everything suddenly felt impossibly hard.

One of Michelle’s key skills is understanding why people don’t achieve their full potential, and knowing exactly what to do about it. It was time to put herself under the microscope. Over the next few months, she realized there were Seven Laws, which, when put into practice, allow you to maintain a healthy trajectory in the direction you want to go, and make agile decisions an everyday reality.

Now she’s bringing her knowledge to CEOs who are trying to do the right thing by their customers, employees, and investors – and consequently don’t sleep much, and probably won’t relax for the next few decades. Michelle knows first-hand how much stress impacts decision-making, which damages company profits, and puts your entire operation at risk.

Michelle notes if you change your energy system, you can change your subconscious. But sometimes, money blocks are not always about money. When you’re struggling to get through the week, here are a few of Michelle’s tips to help you pause, reflect, and realign your energy.

Michelle’s Advice on Editing Your Energy

  1. Acknowledge that it’s hard. That’s the first step.
  2. Know that it doesn’t have to be hard. Your subconscious immediately defaults to the story because that’s how your mind keeps you “safe.”
  3. Allow for the possibility that it can be easier. What’s the story around the reward for it being hard?
  4. Create the space of possibility.
  5. Start with 10 minutes of non-negotiable “you” time every day.  Lie down flat, put your phone on airplane mode, close your eyes and be silent.  Set a timer for 10 minutes.
  6. Calm will come over you, and it will make you more productive, and the harassed energy will be released. When you lie flat, your energy layers realign to help your body process your energy better.

Michelle says you need to start by thinking about your attachment to things being difficult. What are the negative things that will happen if it wasn’t hard? If things were all of a sudden easy, what would that mean to you? She notes the thing you most want to be doing is where you’ll feel the most resistance.

To learn more about Michelle visit her website: or follow her on Facebook or Instagram: @michelle.lowbridge.

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#102 - Wealthology with Michelle Lowbridge

Michelle Lowbridge is a an author, teacher, and expert on the art of unlocking human potential. Never afraid to pivot, evolve, and do things differently, she grew her company revenue by 54x in 24 months. It began with a simple shift in perspective, which led to her making four times her annual profit in two weeks instead of one year. Since then, she’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to amplify their money-making abilities.

A highly sought-after teacher and mentor, Michelle attributes much of her success to her fascination with the human mind and her ability to make agile decisions that are easy to execute.

Michelle lives in the English countryside, loves random adventures, and prizes love, truth, and humour above everything.

Episode #79 Transform Your Performance with Regina Huber

Today I am excited to have Regina Huber on the show.  Regina is the founder of Transform Your Performance.

Regina hosted a talk entitled Choreograph Your Success, in which she shares her passion for dance.  For Regina, dance enhances confidence and presence, and also the relationship between leader and follower.   In her system, Transform Your Performance, she speak of an empowering mindset, a body conscious presence, distinctive uniqueness and effective action.  When you have all of these, you can be an effective leader, both in dance, and in business.  

A very large part of her teaching and coaching involves helping women be visible, and empowers them to be able to speak up and contribute, by exploring all facets including positioning, energy levels and much more.  She also delves into the subconscious mind, where 95%+ of our behavior comes from.

Regina has a book called Speak up, Stand out and Shine: Speak Powerfully in Any Situation,  which contains 26 tools that help anyone show up with more power.  

Regina shares her life experience which has taken her from her native small town in Germany, to Spain, Portugal, Argentina, and Brazil, and now speaks 5 languages (5 ½ if she is in Italy!  :-)).  Throughout all of these moves, dance was always an important part of her work.  

She shares stories of the bureaucracy surrounding having a business abroad, and the challenges she faced. She is now back in Munich after having a less than pleasant experience with a business partnership in Brazil.   She attributes this devastating event as a trigger for an amazing mindset shift, and ultimately the program she has created which encompasses all of her life experience.   She has aim to visit Africa in the near future, and has developed some contacts there.  She would eventually like to teach and speak there and make use of the many languages she has learned.   

Regina Shares Her Message Here

As powerful leaders, we women can make a bigger impact and generate more wealth for our companies, clients, and ourselves. We must access our full potential to become effective and respected leaders. This requires focusing on an empowering mindset and a compelling, confident presence, enabling us to accelerate our business and career, while making an outstanding contribution to our communities.

We all benefit when we have more female leaders: as individuals and as a society. I personally believe that world peace ultimately depends on whether we achieve more balance of yin and yang. That’s why I have made it my mission to support female advancement and aspiring female leaders.

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Regina’s Program Transform Your Performance, is available at :

Financial Women’s Association:

Choreograph your Success Talk:

Regina’s book: Speak up, Stand out and Shine: Speak Powerfully in Any Situation


  • “I think 90% is how we show up.” – Regina
  • “Our body is an integral part of who we are in this material world.”  – Regina

Financial Fluency Podcast, Regina Huber

Regina Huber, Transformational Leadership Coach for Business Women, Power Shifter and Career Accelerator, Diversity Advocate, Speaker with a Passion for Dance and Author of Speak up, Stand out and Shine – Speak Powerfully in Any Situation (Amazon).

With her system Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT), she guides professional women to make a power shift and step into their role as leaders with a powerful mindset and presence. She helps companies create powerful female leaders that do not drop out on their way to the top.

Regina is also a Certified Leadership Ambassador at Take The Lead Women. She co-chairs the Distinguished Speakers Committee of the Financial Women’s Association. She is a trusted advisor of UN Women Empower Women Global Champion Alysia Silberg’s Fireside Chat and Pitch Camp communities for global entrepreneurs, and a member of her Global Women Game Changers group.

Regina speaks 5 languages and has over 18 years of international experience in the corporate business world in 6 countries, including management positions at The Boston Consulting Group. She owned businesses in Argentina and Brazil and translated 12 books.

You can connect with Regina on her website at,  on LinkedIn at, on Twitter at @transformdance and on Facebook at