Episode #118 – Healing Yourself with Carol Egan

Carol Egan is an executive health coach who has lived through many health issues, to the point where sick was her identity.

Despite consulting many doctors for her long list of symptoms,  she continued to get worse.  Finally, she came to the conclusion that if she was ever going to get better, she would have to figure out what was wrong on her own.  

She learned all she could about healing.  She obtained her degree and continued on to postgraduate school in nutrition, digestive health, detoxification and the study of human potential.  

She shares how traditional medicine completely overlooks the effects of nutrition on the body, and how inflammation caused by the food we eat plays havoc on our bodies, creating debilitating symptoms that plague more and more people every day.  

By applying all that she learned she has obtained an excellent level of health and helps others learn how to achieve the same.  She focuses on creating health as being fun – something she teaches her clients as well.

Carol shares her three-part “wholy trinity” first steps to getting healthy:

  1. Green juice
  2. Green smoothy
  3. Meal-sized salad every day.

Start off small, with the eventual goal of having one of each every day.  Go with what feels right and bit by bit, you will start to feel better!

Carol shares her message here:  

A healthy body is important for every success we ever hope to achieve. It’s not necessarily diet and exercise that are important specifically, but rather how diet and exercise, with the proper mindset and relationship to self, impact us and our decision-making on a physiological level.

A person who is healthy on a physiological/biochemical level is in greater balance, and when in greater balance, we possess the mental and emotional clarity and skills to better manage every area of life.

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Carol Egan is an executive health coach, with an expertise in digestive health and detoxification. She works with accomplished professionals who want to look and feel as healthy as they are successful. They spent years prioritizing success over health, and are now troubled by excess weight, exhaustion, and foggy thinking at work and home. She helps them take control of their health, so they can focus on what matters most to them in their life and career.

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Episode #114 – The Power of Vulnerability with Sabrina Must

How do you show vulnerability and handle grief? For Sabrina Must, she took her grief after her sister’s death and wrote a memoir. On today’s episode of Financial Fluency, Sabrina and I discuss the turmoils she’s faced and life as an author among many other topics.

In her day-to-day life, Sabrina is a copywriting consultant at her company Write Less Bad. She helps startups with their decks, proposals, website, and more. Sabrina mentions that life as an author isn’t all that glamorous. She says when you write for big-name sites it’s hard to see the return on investment. Her consultancy business is her means of paying the bills with the intention to build up and monetize her blog.

Sabrina used her raw, intense words to inspire others and provide insight into her life. Her vulnerability allows her to connect with others. She recalls she was finishing college when her sister committed suicide. And writing her memoir, Must Girls Love, helped her process what was going on after her sister’s death. The writing was a creative outlet for her to focus her energy on something. Her book traces family history. It starts with her mom’s side of the family, and it pinpoints the major events she experienced growing up and details her immediate family.

In addition to Must Girls Love, Sabrina wrote for another book, Living Witnesses Faces of the Holocaust. This book is a collaboration with her mom, who is a photographer. It features portraits of the remaining Holocaust survivors. With each picture, there’s a bio Sabrina wrote about the individuals.

Quotes from Sabrina

“When you’re open, other people feel like they can be open with you, too.”

“We’re so quick to label and everyone. People want to understand their place in the world, and people are so quick to make up stories, so things make sense in their head.”

“My whole intention in life is how can I feel happy and how can I feel good? I never want to feel how I felt in my twenties ever again.”

“You can connect with someone who seems far removed, but once you read their experience, you realize you have to be more empathic to those individuals.”

Sabrina is currently working on another book about love and dating. To learn more about Sabrina visit her website here, or follow her on social media:

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Must Girls Love

Living Witnesses Faces of the Holocaust

Write Less Bad

#114 - The Power of Vulnerability with Sabrina Must

Sabrina Must is a 30-something woman from Michigan, now based in San Diego, California. She’s the youngest of 4 sisters, daughter to a father who wishes I had married yesterday and to a mom who believes she can do anything in the world! Sabrina has a Masters in Writing from Northwestern University and has a pug named Monkey.


Episode #113 – Fresh Faced Skin Care with Erica Suppa

A lot of us have experienced the adolescent scourge of acne that may have made us feel stressed, anxious or embarrassed about standing up in front of class, talking to that cute boy you liked or trying out for the cheerleading team. But when acne turns to cystic acne and follows you into adulthood, it can seriously hamper not just your social life and love life (who feels confident walking up to an attractive member of the opposite sex when you know you have a massive puss-filled lump on your face?), it can also affect your career, your happiness, and pretty much every aspect of your life. Erica Suppa knows a lot about this struggle because she herself has experienced cystic adult acne. Not that you would know it to look at her now!

The difference between Erica and most other people out there peddling skin care products is that she is a chemist and worked as a scientist in cancer research first. She deeply understands the underlying chemistry of the human body and particularly human skin. She is able to formulate products that chemically do exactly what she says they will do. She even tests every new product on her own, extremely sensitive skin first.

When I asked for more details she used her purifying bar as an example. She wanted something that had the same pH level as the skin so it wouldn’t dry it out or strip the skin of its natural oils. She then she added both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients to reduce inflammation and to curb bacterial growth. What does this mean for the user? It means that you have in a bar a cleanser that not only cleans your skin, it also reduces redness (inflammation) and treats the bacteria present in acne. She also said her male clients love to use it for shaving too. No razor burn or rash. That sounds pretty amazing to me! Listen in or watch below to find out how Erica went from being a cancer research scientist to developing new skin care products that do what they say they do!

You can connect with Erica Suppa via her website at

Or on social media:

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Rodan and Fields

The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris

#113 Fresh Faced Skin Care with Erica Suppa

#113 Fresh Faced Skin Care with Erica Suppa

Erica Suppa is the founder of Fresh Faced Skin Care, an advanced skin care studio with locations in Delaware and Pennsylvania. She has more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry as an esthetician, skin care expert and research scientist. Erica offers a unique approach to skin care by utilizing her scientific knowledge of skincare ingredients and how they interact with the skin to achieve phenomenal, lasting results. Erica also formulates the Fresh Faced Skin Care product line of professional-grade products with ingredients easily utilized by the skin, making them more effective.