Episode #115 Multi-Passionate with Meliss Jakubovic

Ever feel like you have too many ideas for your business? Or too many ideas in general? Some people agonize about needing to pick just one thing to focus on at a time, and act like what they are doing now is what they will be doing long term. The truth is that few people these days stay in the same job or have the same focus for longer than a few years at a time, and having a few different income streams in different areas can help you diversify and stay afloat when things change in your main area of focus.

Meliss Jakubovic knows a lot about this. When I asked her what she does I got the most amazing reply. Her main online business of the moment is Meliss Marketing which runs Facebook ads for coaches, business owners and people who run ecommerce sites. But the way she got into doing Facebook ads was from running her own Health and Lifestyle blog and coaching business. Which she actually still runs on the side. How did she get into Health and Lifestyle blogging and coaching? Well before that she trained in and taught Yoga, something she still also does on the said. But before that she was an Israeli Folk Dancer and also DJed on the side. All of which she STILL does! Oh and did I mention she is also the single mother of two young boys who also dance, do yoga and most of the other stuff right along with Meliss.

Now I tend to think that I’m a pretty busy women with a couple of businesses being run out of my own and caring for special needs kids to boot, but when I heard that Meliss still has a hand in all of these businesses that she ran in the past, I had to ask, do you ever sleep? How do you manage to keep all of these plates spinning? Or balls in the air depending on which metaphor you like best.

Meliss replied that she is very structured with her schedule and sticks to her calendar as best she can. Meliss Marketing is front and center right now, so she tends to spend the bulk of her working day on that. Yoga is part of her own self-care, but the fact that she gets paid to teach yoga classes some evenings and weekends means that her self-care is also an income stream. From what she told me the folk dancing is mainly a hobby, but she does still choreograph for certain shows and while that is going on she prioritizes that until the show is over and then it falls back down the priority list until another show or festival comes up. And the DJing fits in around other things when and if someone wants her to DJ. Oh and did I mention that she has also authored a book along with a companion journal to go along with it?

Because I’ve been struggling with learning how to run Facbook ads myself lately, I asked Meliss to share a few tips to help someone like me (who feels like I have only thrown money away on FB ads up to this point) start to get a handle on how they can really help my business grow. Here are a few of the tips she gave me:

  1. If you don’t have a business page yet, set one up. You need one to run FB ads.
  2. Really make use of the business page real estate. Use a really good profile picture for your business page and use the cover photo to let people know what it is you do and how you can help them.
  3. Plan out your content. Curate the content, give them plenty of value and make sure you aren’t only posting to sell. Facebook exists for engagement first. Being too salesly too soon can turn people off.
  4. However as you plan out your content, plan it around the launches or sales that you want to make throughout the year. Find and create content to logically leads into the services and products you want to sell.

I’ve always loved the idea of planning out my content well ahead of time, but I have honestly never done it outside of planning out content and emails that revolve around a single launch. I love the idea of sitting down and figuring out what I want to share for a couple of months at a time. Meliss even suggests planning around holidays and seasonal events. It may take a bit more time up front, but the payoff in consistency and always having content to post is totally worth the time investment.

You can connect with Meliss Jakubovic via her website at: or on Facebook

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You can find Meliss’ books Push Positive and My Vision Journal on Amazon.

You can get Meliss’ Top 5 Facebook Ads Tips here and you can get her Finding Your Dream Customer Guide here.


#115 Multi-Passionate with Meliss Jakubovic

Meliss Jakubovic is a Facebook Ads Expert and Marketing Specialist. She’s a self-proclaimed Serial Entrepreneur and a hustler full of passion. Her ad agency, Meliss Marketing helps businesses and entrepreneurs put their product or service in front of the right client or customer so they can scale their business strategically and spend time doing what they love to do.

As a single mom of two boys, it is incredibly important for Meliss to use her time efficiently and effectively and that’s why she is determined to get sh*t done for her clients.

Meliss is an extremely hard worker and loves to help people achieve their goals. Problem-solving and resourcefulness are some of her best qualities.


Episode #76 Money Movement with Luci McMonagle

Today I am pleased to have Luci McMonagle with me. Luci is an Abundance Breakthrough Coach and Speaker for women, the Founder of Learn about Money and the host of the Wealthy Wednesday Podcast Show.

Luci first started her business in 2010 to fulfill a need for women to learn the basics of money management, like financial literacy, how to balance a checkbook etc. Soon after beginning to work with clients, she discovered that they had money mindset stories that were holding them back from achieving their true potential. This also brought awareness to her own money stories, having grown up in an impoverished family. This ignited a desire in her to empower women and teach them the financial mindset tools they needed so they would not have to struggle the way she and her mother did. Ultimately, she wanted to create a money movement globally.

Luci shares how 99% of the time, money mindset issues are what hold people back. These issues often stem from their childhood beliefs imparted by their parents such as “Money is the root of all evil” or “I can’t afford that”. She talks about how money stories manifest themselves in women in many different ways, such as procrastination, hesitation, doing “busy” work, basically avoiding the things that bring clients through the door. She further indicates that sometimes these manifestations are unconscious, like literally holding back on their delivery due to not-enoughism and perfectionism.

In her quest to create a Money Movement for women, Luci provides 1:1 coaching, and will be introducing some new group programs this year, as well as women’s retreats for small groups.


  • “Even if you break through those financial barriers, it will find a way to bring you back down to your financial set point.” ~ Luci
  • “Money is a tool that allows your life to be more comfortable, but it is not the end all be all and it doesn’t dictate what your personal value is as a human.” ~ Luci

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lucimcmonagleLuci McMonagle grew up in a poverty stricken life filled with tragedy and she finally took a stand to reclaim her own personal power. Despite all odds Luci has risen to become a top influencer as an Abundance Breakthrough Coach and Speaker by bridging her blend of spirituality with practicality. Women entrepreneurs hire Luci to empower them to step into their authentic power and to be victorious over adverse life circumstances to a life and business that is fueled with personal empowerment. Bottom line is women gain more Money, More Freedom and More Joy in their lives.

You can connect with Luci on her website at, as well as on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Her podcast is available on iTunes HERE. Download her free Wealthy Planner at

Episode #75 Simply Smart Business with Gemma Went

Today I am happy to have Gemma Went with me. Gemma and I have been friends online for quite some time, but we don’t get to spend much face time together, so we were so excited to have this chance to speak over video! Gemma Went is a Digital Marketing & Online Business Consultant who works with small business owners to help them bring their dreams to life online. She won an entrepreneur of the year award for her first business 10 years ago, a digital marketing agency, before becoming the Social Media Director at two London agencies. She regularly speaks and writes on the topic of business strategy, social media and digital marketing.

Our conversation today is focusing on how Gemma got her start in online business. She’s had more than one business, but she started her current business 3.5 years ago when she was pregnant and found herself without a job. She really had to make things work. We also talk about the importance of having multiple income streams when you are self-employed and Gemma’s suggestions for getting yours started.

To check out Gemma’s Academy go here. To sign up for the waitlist for her next mastermind, go here.


  • “I’ve got a real passion for small businesses and mums that want to make it themselves, because that’s how I got started.” – Gemma
  • “For me it was about really understanding how much I needed [for childcare and living expenses] and I started there.” – Gemma
  • “No one’s going to stop a mum with a plan, right?” – Gemma
  • “I find launches quite overwhelming and stressful, so I want to streamline [my launch process] and find something I’m really comfortable with.” – Gemma
  • “I think one of the hardest parts of online business is going from having the idea to actually making The Thing.” – Jen

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gemmawentGemma Went is a Digital Marketing & Online Business Consultant who works with small business owners to help them bring their dreams to life online. She won an entrepreneur of the year award for her first business 10 years ago, a digital marketing agency, before becoming the Social Media Director at two London agencies. She regularly speaks and writes on the topic of business strategy, social media and digital marketing.

She recently launched The Simply Smart Business Academy, an online membership site that teaches small business owners everything they need to create, manage and grow a business online.

To connect with Gemma, check out her website, her Facebook page, her Twitter, and her LinkedIn.