Episode #82 Amplify Your Dreams with Yasemin Inal

Today I am pleased to have Yasemin Inal on the show.  Yasemin is a Certified High Performance Coach, the Founder of Amplify Your Dreams, Biz Strategist and International Speaker.

For Yasemin, High Performance means becoming your best version, becoming the person you were destined to become. In the Certified High Performance Coaching world, the definition is  reaching and maintaining higher levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence – the five main pillars.  But life happens, and Yasemin emphasizes that it is not necessary to maintain high levels in the five pillars all the time, but instead do your best at your own pace, and take the steady road towards your goals.

Becoming a Certified Higher Performance Coach is a process that involves much more than an online course.  It is a comprehensive training that has taken several decades to develop and perfect.  

Yasemin’s program is a 12 week program that she delivers over a period of 6 months –  1 week of heavy coaching alternating with a check-in week.  Her clients have full access to her during the six months.  Together, they go through the main five pillars and then go into the mastery of these areas.  She also encourages them to learn to self coach, both for themselves, and for others. Since high performance is intricately tied to mindset, there is a great deal of emphasis on this as well.    

Yasemin offers coaching 1:1 and in her group coaching program The high Performing Entrepreneur Mastermind.  

Join Yasemin at her live event, Amplify Your Life, Your Business, Your Impact on April 20-21, 2017 in San Diego, California. This is the first destination in a tour, with future dates planned.  While the event is mainly for entrepreneurs and visionaries, is also for anyone who is into personal growth.  She will be the main trainer, and also has an awesome line up of speakers.  

Those who sign up before March 27th can benefit from the early bird special which is $100 off General Admission.  There are also a limited number of VIP tickets with some great benefits, which are sure to sell out quickly!  

You can reach Yasemin via Instagram at @yasemin.amplify, on Facebookon Twitter at @amploifytothrive and on her website:

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You can find out more about Yasemin’s Group Coaching Program The high Performing Entrepreneur Mastermind on her Facebook page. 

Amplify Your Life, Your Business, Your Impact Live Event

The Thriving Entrepreneur Podcast:

Yasemin Inal

Yasemin Inal is a Certified High Performance Coach (1 of only 300 in the world)and a Biz Strategist who has built a thriving coaching biz from scratch (while raising three wild kids including a 20-month old energizer-bunny who has recently deleted one of her pre-launch videos).

Yasemin is an Ivy League grad who believes in hustle with sanity, an award-winning former University instructor who turned entrepreneur so she knows a thing or two about effective teaching methods and getting groups of people amped up. She is a very dedicated student of Personal Development and High Performance who has studied with leaders like Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy, Stephen Covey and more.