#77 The Accidental Author with Danielle Watson

Episode #77 The Accidental Author with Danielle Watson

Today I am pleased to have, for the second time, Danielle Watson, the creator of The Purse Process and the Pocket Muse, and author of the new book, Dear Self, I Love You! Keep Going!: 365 Inspiring Notes from My Bittersweet Year of Heartbreak and Healing.

Danielle Watson has had a lifelong dream to be an author.  In 2016 she did just that, however, the circumstances upon which she wrote her first book were nothing that she could have imagined. It was in fact, almost accidental…

Flash back to 2015, a mere 48 hours prior to her departure to give a Ted Talk, Danielle received divorce papers taped to her front door.  She decided to put her big girl panties on and kept going.  She found a way to get the support she needed to get through that very important event in her life.

A few weeks later, reality had set in, and she wondered how she was going to get through this difficult time.  She did what she could to stay positive, and take care of herself.  One day, on her soon-to-be ex-husband’s 40th birthday, she saw her reflection in the mirror, and realized she was still living her life, and still had a sparkle in her eyes.  Her pride in herself led her to post about her feeling in Facebook, like a sticky note to self, and people started to respond to it in a big way, calling her an inspiration.  

As a form of self-care, she decided to write a post every day for a year.  In January 2016, while revisiting one of her post from a year prior, she finally realized that her series of posts could become something more.   And so was the birth of her first book, Dear Self, I Love You! Keep Going!: 365 Inspiring Notes from My Bittersweet Year of Heartbreak and Healing.

Danielle shared that she has plans to create a tear away calendar, fridge magnets from the most special notes and eventually a hardcover version of her book in the near future.  In addition, she plans to write a memoir of the stories behind the notes that led to the writing of this book.

Danielle has closed down the Purse Process and the Pocket Muse, and now has a daily Facebook Live Show called The Danielle Daily, which airs every weekday at 3 p.m. EST.  With the goal of helping people to think of themselves in a more positive way, attendees will find something positive, inspiring and powerful.    

Danielle Shares Her Message Here  

Speak more kindly to yourself, love yourself, embrace life, and no matter what, keep going!  In moments when life feels the hardest, there’s an easy decision to make: continue to criticize ourselves for our failings, or open ourselves to the possibility that, yeah, we’ve made (and will continue to make) mistakes, but we just might be lovable anyway.


  • “I think it is a pretty amazing feat to almost accidentally write a whole book”  – Jen Turrell
  • “We’re the only person who is going to be with us throughout our life” – Danielle Watson
  • “Sometimes we just have to be able to soothe ourselves”  – Jen Turrell
  • “There is a lot we can do by taking actions to affect positive outcome”  – Jen Turrell

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Danielle WatsonDanielle Watson is a TEDx Speaker, Author, and host of the LIVE Danielle Daily Show where she provides her positive, inspiring, and powerful Notes to Self to people seeking freedom from self-critical thoughts. Her book, Dear Self, I Love You! Keep Going!: 365 Inspiring Notes from My Bittersweet Year of Heartbreak and Healing serves as a reminder to her global fan base that even when life feels painful or hard, you are stronger, braver, and more powerful than you think, and no matter what you have done or will do you are worthy of your own love.
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