#49 Quiet & Fierce with Jennifer Gabiola

Financial Fluency Episode #49: Quiet and Fierce with Jennifer Gabiola

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I love having podcast guests who I’ve actually met, in real life!! Jennifer has gone through losing her 9-5 job and dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, she came through it using her passions for poetry and fashion, to build an empire!

We spoke about how so often the world is more suited to extroverts, and what it means to finally be ok with being an introvert and actually see it as a gift.

I love this quote

“It’s ok to feel good, it’s ok to ask for help, it’s ok to be supported and happy”.

Something we could all do with remembering!

And look who’s lucky enough to already have one of Jennifer’s t-shirts…!

Jen rocking Jennifer's T-shirt

You can listen in below and Tweet it outTweet: Via @jturrell: Listen in to get 7 Tips to being visible as an introvert from @DawningSoul http://ctt.ec/51682+

Jennifer cam prepared with 3 top tips for us PLUS a freebie!

To get Jennifer’s 7 Tips for being consistently visible as an introvert click here.

A summary of Jennifer’s 3 tips:

  1. Trust your process, trust what feels right in the moment.
  2. Be good to yourself.
  3. Know that your voice has value.

Jennifer Dawn GabiolaJennifer Dawn Gabiola helps introverted leaders own their quiet voice and fierce power to build brands that make a big impact. Through her business, Dawning Soul, she uses her 18+ years of branding and design experience to provide heart-centered strategy, exquisite design and soulful presence and style support to create meaningful brands. She supports these quiet leaders through her private coaching, masterminds, live events and her signature online branding course for introverts, “Quiet Voice. Big Impact.” She also offers inspiration through her Dawning Soul poetic apparel collection to help women radiate their true inner beauty and power from the inside out.

She has been featured in The Huffington Post and Well Being World.

Sign up for her free gift:7 Tips To Be Consistently Visible As An Introvert

To connect more:


Private Facebook Group: Quiet Voice Big Impact Community

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JenniferDawnGabiola/

Instagram: instagram.com/dawningsoul

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It’s a very supportive and private group just for women and it’s a safe place to hang out and talk. It’s kind of the extension of the interviews I’ve been doing with mainly entrepreneurs on this show, and it’s where we can talk about the things we may not want to broadcast out to a broader audience.

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Jen x

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