#23 Healthy and wealthy with Krisha Young

Financial Fluency Episode #23: Healthy and Wealthy with Krisha Young

This week’s interview is with the wonderful Krisha Young.

Krisha is a Nutrition Warrior – what a great job title!

We talked about how an overnight success is rarely what it seems, (unless you’re a teenager plucked from a mall to a runway!) and how much work Krisha put in before she left her corporate position.

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The Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

Favorite Quotes From The Episode

Quitting a corporate job wasn’t easy – Krisha

Trusting that I can make the money in my business was a huge mindset shift – Krisha

I realised I had never sold anything! – Krisha

Quitting your job sounds ideal but then you have to run a business! – Krisha

Having a schedule for your day is super important! – Krisha

It’s not about cutting out major food groups, it’s about bringing in more healthy stuff. – Krisha

Krisha YoungKrisha, helps busy women eat well and feel damn good – sans ridiculous restrictions or heaps of kale. (But you can eat kale if you like it.)

She used to be you: Overworked, overweight, full of negative thoughts around food, run-down and I had rotten digestion. The thing that changed everything? Learning to navigate food labels, stock good stuff (that she actually enjoyed eating) and figuring out which foods made her feel amazing.

Find out more about Krisha here.

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I’m doing two episodes now every week, one solo and one interview.

I also have the fantastic Mastering Money Matters group, a monthly membership group where you can join and we talk about all the different pieces week by week of getting our money systems set up and how we look at, think about and value money and all areas of our lives.

It’s a very supportive and private group just for women and it’s a safe place to hang out and talk. It’s kind of the extension of the interviews I’ve been doing with mainly entrepreneurs on this show, and it’s where we can talk about the things we may not want to broadcast out to a broader audience.

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Jen x

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