#17 mastering debt and career goals with Adrienne Dorison

Financial Fluency Episode #17: Mastering Debt and Career Goals with Adrienne Dorison

My guest this week is Adrienne Dorison. Adrienne paid off a huge amount of student debt and managed to leave her corporate job in just SIX MONTHS!

Before you think “I could NEVER do that” take a little time to understand how Adrienne put the pieces together to enable her to be able to achieve this. We also talk triathlon training, marshmallows and taxes!

Debt Doesn’t Have To Be A Way Of Life

What I really love is that Adrienne brings up the idea of not accepting the common belief that you have to spend 24 years paying off your debt, whether that is mortgage debt or student loans.

Sure, it may not be six months but even the difference between 24 years and 10 years is HUGE! So I urge you to listen to Adrienne’s story and get inspired!

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Adriene DorisonAdrienne Dorison is the host of The School of Self-Mastery podcast, a no-nonsense business mentor to online entrepreneurs and a passionate dog mom.
She believes success is teachable and can be inevitable for those who are willing to pursue it. It’s something you have to train for. Adrienne teaches her clients & podcast audience about full self-mastery, because making tons of money is pointless if you’re strapped for time, have neglected your relationships (with yourself & others), and haven’t paid attention to your health.
She’s passionate about teaching purposeful entrepreneurs to leverage the crap out of their strengths so they can reach more people and make more profits…while having the freedom to enjoy it all. Some of Adrienne’s personal successes are recently paying off over $45,000 in debt in just 6 months, quitting her corporate job for full-time entrepreneurship, more than doubling her income in her new business and sharing her message with the world through publications such as Business Insider, Art of Charm Podcast, Get Rich Slowly, The Huffington Post, SoMoney Podcast and Clark Howard.

Mastering Money Matters

What if managing your money and feeling wealthy was easy?

Imagine going from feeling sick to your stomach every time you have to pay a bill, to having a system that pays all of your bills on time, and shows you at a glance where all of your money is and where it is going.

Mastering Money Matters will show you a new way of looking at your finances so you can set up your systems, enjoy your money, and stop worrying about your next bill.

If you’ve been desperately avoiding looking at your finances and hoping it all just magically works out – money comes in, it doesn’t run out, and you have enough for a bit of extra spending – enroll in Mastering Money Matters today.

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