#10 Rock n roll finance with Share Ross

Financial Fluency Episode #10: Rock n Roll Finance with Share Ross

Have you ever thought of celebrating your money?  Share Ross is my rock n roll finance guest this week!

Share is a big believer in money being energy, and has the really cool idea that we should be CELEBRATING money! She even wrote letters courting it – what a fun idea!

We talk about the lessons Share learnt from being in super successful band Vixen and the big surprise she got in the 90s when that came to an end.

And as well as how the iTunes revolution has changed the music industry we manage to chat about knitting & folk music too!

Share has one question she believes you should ask yourself about your money:

Am I gonna earn it or burn it?

You can listen in below and tweet it out here

Links we mention:
Stitch n Bitch

Share Ross With a big heart, an unusual set of experiences in several industries and a loving determination, Share gives her clients more than just a set of tools to achieve their dreams. She helps you uncover your own fierce belief in yourself.
And your limitless success.

Her dream is to inspire you.
Her dream is to see you become successful.
Her dream is to guide you towards the brightest version of you.

Click here to unleash your inner rockstar.

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