“I had a fantastic meeting yesterday with our lovely Jen Turrell. I’m telling you this gal knows her stuff. Before meeting Desha Peacockwith her my story was: “I am having money anxiety” And now my story is: “I am actually doing way better than I thought, I’m okay!” So what happened?

Jen had me tally up ALLLLL my bills, assets, and expenses and I realized my net worth is way more than I realized. That’s because I was just focused on my business profit/expenses and not looking at my total picture that includes equity in my house, low interest rates, retirement accounts etc… Basically, I feel about a million pounds lighter knowing that I’m within my 50/30/20 range (she can explain this!)

But Jen didn’t stop there, she gave me loads of resources on how to lower interest rates, find the perfect travel card so I can do more of what I love for free (which is travel to beautiful places!), and she gave me some ideas of how to generate even more profit doing work that I love. Ladies, if you need some PRACTICAL advice on the day to day money management of your business and life, you need to talk with Jen. Either you will feel affirmed that you are doing a good job, or you’ll open your eyes to what needs to happen to get you on track. Money is power- do NOT give it by having your head in the clouds. It’s TOOO important!”

Desha Peacock – Sweet Spot Style

Jenn Scalia“Jen Turrell is a financial wizard and helped me in so many ways. She literally talked me off a ledge when I was considering bankruptcy after a divorce. Jen made my “huge” debt seem some much more manageable. In fact, I realized that my debt was almost $20,000 less than what I originally thought. I have paid off several debts since talking with Jen and it doesn’t seem so scary anymore. I am now on my way to financial freedom using the techniques she suggested. She is truly an angel and I can’t thank her enough.”

Jenn Scalia – JennScalia.Com