Episode #58 Soul Powered with Sarah Kaler

Do you struggle with “doing all the things” in your business? Get Soul Powered advice from Sarah Kaler!

For today’s episode, I am so pleased to be speaking with Sarah Kaler from Soul Powered. Sarah has an amazing story. She started as an entrepreneur in the yoga world, was headhunted by Lululemon to start their U.S. division and had an amazing career with that company. Now she’s taking her corporate and entrepreneurial expertise to help women CEOs learn how to lead with vision and values in their businesses.

Sarah brings us amazing tips on how to stop doing everything yourself as a small business own and how to start the scaling process by bringing on the right employees.

Sarah’s Tips

  1. You have to start to recognize your genius and step into specializing, because in the early stages of entrepreneurship you DO have to do it all.
  2. Stop outsourcing and starting bringing world class talent IN to your company, especially people who support your mission, vision, and values
  3. Learning to onboard and lead your hand selected and engaged team members.
She also gives us some fantastic pointers on the best questions to ask in an interview to bring on employees that really fit with the values and vision of your company.
  1. Get clear on what you need from an employee. – What are the skills or strengths that you want to have in that partner? It’s really helpful if they are strong in areas where you are weak.
  2. Identify the traits you are looking for, the qualities of a person that you want on your team. This might be driven by your company values. This will help guide your interview process.
  3. Give your candidate a test project! – Real projects are best – see if what they come back with is in alignment with your values, goals, and vision


  • “I always knew I would start a business again.” – Sarah
  • “I work with women CEOs who are successful, but they are ready to scale.” – Sarah
  • “There’s a stage of letting go, of being that founder to what’s it going to take to scale up and get to that next level of your work.” – Sarah
  • “It’s the difference between feeling transaction and someone has a seat at the table and they are contributing.” – Sarah
  • “High performers and invested people want to contribute.” – Sarah
  • “Candidates show up differently in different contexts and with different people and at different times.” – Sarah
  • “The best test projects are real projects, because then you see how this person would handle something that’s real in your business.” – Sarah
  • “Stop outsourcing and start building an amazing team.” – Sarah

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sarahkaler2Sarah Kaler has been developing business leaders for over 15 years across a number of industries. She is an Executive Leadership Coach, Business Mentor, and Consultant, currently working with Women Leaders building dynamic purpose-driven companies and larger progressive values-based organizations on a mission to create change in the world. She also serves international brands, Fortune 100 & 500 companies as an Executive Coach with the Marcus Buckingham Company. She previously served a 10-year career at lululemon athletica including senior roles as Director of Global Retail Training and Area Director of Northern USA Operations. She led through a time of rapid growth in North America and international expansion, an experience that gives her a unique and invaluable perspective on both trends and challenges facing growing businesses, leaders and teams within top companies today.

Sarah is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach with the Coach’s Training Institute, a Certified Executive Strengths Coach, a Facilitator of the Leadership Circle, a member of the International Coach Federation and a Certified igolu leader. Most important, family is at her core, and she is a proud mom of a young son. She is passionate about traveling the world with her family and has made this a key element of her lifestyle.

Find Sarah Kaler at and check out her free guide on how to lead your business without losing yourself!