Episode #132 – The Art of Dating with Diana Mandell

Are you riding the roller coaster of failed relationships and heartbreak? Today we have Diana Mandell, international Dating Coach and Relationship Expert, Speaker and Author.

Diana grew up in a family of entrepreneurs.  From a very young age, she had a vision of having her own business.  When she was 10, she saved a girl from committing suicide, without really having a knowledge of the impact of what she had done.  She did, however, come to realize that her ability to handle psychological distress was innate in her, and wanted to be involved in something related to psychology, and helping people.   She then went to undergrad and graduate school in psychotherapy and psychology.  

The dating and relationship component of her business came from the desire to help people find their connections in the world, and navigate the dating scene, having experienced parents who had an exceptional marriage and set a very high standard.   

Out of grad school, Diana became a therapist but soon found that she wanted to expand her scope and provide more support to her clients outside of the structured methodologies of therapy.  She began a business as a life coach and quickly evolved into relationship coaching for women, men, and couples.   

You can find out more about Diana and her services on her website at, on Facebook at  on Instagram at



Diana is an international Dating Coach and Relationship Expert, Speaker and Author. Diana specializes in helping men, women, and couples find and keep healthy and sustainable relationships with women they once thought were out of their league. Diana’s clients refer to her as the Female Hitch.

Since 2012, Diana has developed and perfected a personalized and exclusive dating blueprint formula to support her clients in the belief that love is possible.

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Episode #111 — What do you really want? with Hilary Silver

As moms, daughters, friends, and wives, sometimes we all get pulled in so many directions by all of our different relationships that we can lose sight of ourselves and what we really want, both in the moment and in long game of our lives. This can look like everything from chronically saying “I don’t know, whatever everyone else wants is fine with me” to looking around at your life one day and realizing that you aren’t anywhere you ever really wanted to be. Your emotions, your reactions, your anxiety, your jealousy, your feelings about the things you encounter, these are clues you can use to find your way back to you so you can start to honor all of the relationships in your life by honoring the one you have with yourself first. This is the kind of work that Hilary Silver does. Hilary transitioned from brick and mortar counseling work to working online as a relationship expert and empowerment coach, both one on one and with groups, so she could reach more people who struggle both with their relationships with others and their relationship with themselves.

Here are a few tips from Hilary.

  1. You can’t have what you want in your life and your relationships if you don’t know what that is and how to go after it and get it. A lot of people (moms anyone?) spend so much time taking care of everyone else around them that they lose touch with themselves so much that they don’t actually know what they want anymore. So tip one is to figure out what you want. Need help? Go on to tip 2.
  2. Observe yourself. Watch yourself watch TV. What movies or commercials make you well up with tears or laugh out loud? What makes you angry or jealous? How do you feel when you watch shows about politics. Your emotions are your clues to the things that are most important to you.
  3. If you don’t know what you want and don’t ask for it, you end up feeling resentful and being unhappy. Once you learn your truth, learn how to speak it effectively without cutting people off or alienating the people who aren’t used to you speaking your truth yet. Baby steps.
  4. If you feel resentful you haven’t said something you want to say, or you are doing something you don’t want to do, or you aren’t doing something that you do want to do. You have control over what you say and what you do. You are responsible for making the changes required to get what you want and what you need in life. Say the things you want to say and do the things you want to do!

To find out more about Hilary visit her website at or follow her on social media

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5 Love Languages of Children

111 - What Do You Really Want with Hilary Silver

Hilary is a Relationship & Intimacy Expert and Master Coach. She is the founder of Hilary Silver Coaching & Consulting, and the creator of lifestyle brand Hot, Healthy Happy, which teaches LOVERS how to have more intimacy, connection, and satisfaction in their relationships so they can keep their love and passion alive for the long term.

With 15 years of experience as a licensed couples therapist, she has worked with thousands of clients on issues such as launching healthy relationships, communication and conflict, infidelity, intimacy, sex and lasting passion.


Episode #61 Build Your Money Muscles with Joan Sotkin

Today I have the truly inspiring Joan Sotkin with me! Joan has been working people on their finances for over 20 years, she is the author of Build Your Money Muscles: Nine Simple Exercises for Improving Your Relationship with Money and the host of the Prosperity Show podcast. She has a story that you will not want miss, and has learned trust like no one I have ever met.

She shares with us the connection between our financial choices and our emotions. Years of working to release her own repressed emotions helped deepen her understanding of how we act out family-of-origin issues through our businesses and finances.

She loves working with forward-thinking individuals who are willing to implement new ways of being with themselves and their commercial ventures. As she continues to learn and grow, her passion is sharing with others and helping them find both peace of mind and prosperity.

A major portion of Joan’s work is helping people change the habits in their emotions so they can change the habits in their money management. This involves rewiring the way that your brain works.

Rewiring your brain for prosperity

When you move into a new way of being, you get the Moving Stupids!

How to deal with the Moving Stupids

  1. Recognize you are dealing with the Moving Stupids – acceptance IS the first step with this too!
  2. Become ok with the discomfort of being there – Go through the Tunnel of Transition – it can be dark and disorienting inside, but once you start to see the light at the other end, you get your footing
  3. Have a Prosperity Buddy, going through the same process you are – company makes all the difference!


  • “I learned how to be ok with whatever was going on.” – Joan
  • “Money problems, like weight problems and a lot of other things, have an emotional base.” – Joan
  • “I was doing what people want to do, but I learned that you have learn how to manage the money.” – Joan
  • “If there wasn’t an emotional component, anyone could just read a book [about money] and be successful.” – Jen
  • “What I’ve come to understand is that everything about us is a habit.” – Joan
  • “It’s your emotions that inform your decisions that are behind your behaviors.” – Joan
  • “You have to be able to recognize what you’re doing, decide if you want to change it, and have a plan for changing it.” – Joan
  • “Underearning and overearning are both expressions of longing.” – Joan
  • “Getting rid of that longing means you are threatening your identity.” – Joan
  • “It’s the process of change that’s the problem, not creating new financial habits. The amygdala is saying you are walking into the unknown, danger! danger!” – Joan
  • “People who have billions of dollars and need more very possibly don’t feel wealthy because they are trying to get to that point of enough.” – Joan
  • “I think it’s also important to eat right, I have not had sugar since August 11th, 1973.” – Joan
  • “This is why it’s so important to meditate: it teaches you to focus on the moment, not the future.” – Joan
  • “Fear doesn’t solve any problems.” – Joan
  • “Losing money is not bad, it’s just uncomfortable. What does it take to accept where I am and take action to move some place else? When you are in fear it’s hard to take action.” – Joan
  • “If someone comes and says that they need more money, I help them understand that they need more people. Because money comes from people.” – Joan
  • “The feeling alone doesn’t come from the financial issues, the financial issues come from feeling alone.” – Joan
  • “Money by itself has no power at all, it’s just coins or paper, or numbers on a spreadsheet, it’s when it passes between two people or entities that it gets it’s power.” – Joan
  • “Money is actually a symbol of relationships, how you deal with your money is similar to how you deal with your relationship to yourself and others.” – Joan
  • “So many people want their lives to change, but they don’t want to change.” – Joan

Joan has several main programs running right now: Rewire Your Brain for Prosperity and Financial Freedom,  Financial Freedom Formula, a holistic blueprint for success and Simple Meditation for Busy Entrepreneurs. Both of which can be found on her website at

Joan’s website:

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Book Resources

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

Build Your Money Muscles: Nine Simple Exercises for Improving Your Relationship with Money

Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology, and How You Can Heal

joan-long-500For the past 30 years, Joan Sotkin has been examining alternative ways of dealing with life on many different levels. Defining success as merely making a lot of money and having social or career status has never made sense to her. As a result, she has been looking for something deeper and more meaningful and learning to integrate what she discovers into her business and personal life.

In the early 1980s, while attending 12-step programs including Debtors Anonymous and Codependents Anonymous, she began to understand the connection between emotions and the life stories we create for ourselves, including our finances. Years of working to release her own repressed emotions helped deepen her understanding of how we act out family-of-origin issues through our businesses and finances.

She loves working with forward-thinking individuals who are willing to implement new ways of being with themselves and their commercial ventures. As she continues to learn and grow, her passion is sharing with others and helping them find both peace of mind and prosperity.

She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With its expansive skies, friendly people, and abundance of healers, it provides her with the comfort and peace she has always craved. Thanks to the Internet, which she has been using since 1995, she can live in this wonderful town with her precious dog, Angel, and reach out to clients around the world.