Financial Fluency Episode #15 Starting an Army with Bushra Azhar

Today, my guest shares why she prefers starting an army instead of a tribe, and how her approach is more about treating people with respect than the hard sale.

This episode I am bringing you one of my favorite people on the ENTIRE PLANET, Bushra Azhar!

I first met Bushra in Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch, which she followed much more closely than I did!

She also says some preeetttyyyy nice things about me!

We had such a fun chat about the very different approaches we have to business, outsourcing and learning – and Bushra shocked me with her views on other human beings!!!

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Meet Bushra

Bushra AzharBushra Azhar is a Persuasion Strategist and Founder of The Persuasion Revolution: The only place on the Internet that makes persuasion sexy, classy & fun!

Want to learn more about Bushra or possibly work with her? She’s filling her power Mass Persuasion Method now!

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Financial Fluency Episode #10: Rock n Roll Finance with Share Ross

Have you ever thought of celebrating your money?  Share Ross is my rock n roll finance guest this week!

Share is a big believer in money being energy, and has the really cool idea that we should be CELEBRATING money! She even wrote letters courting it – what a fun idea!

We talk about the lessons Share learnt from being in super successful band Vixen and the big surprise she got in the 90s when that came to an end.

And as well as how the iTunes revolution has changed the music industry we manage to chat about knitting & folk music too!

Share has one question she believes you should ask yourself about your money:

Am I gonna earn it or burn it?

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Links we mention:
Stitch n Bitch

Share Ross With a big heart, an unusual set of experiences in several industries and a loving determination, Share gives her clients more than just a set of tools to achieve their dreams. She helps you uncover your own fierce belief in yourself.
And your limitless success.

Her dream is to inspire you.
Her dream is to see you become successful.
Her dream is to guide you towards the brightest version of you.

Click here to unleash your inner rockstar.

Financial Fluency Episode #8: Clear and Calm with Lisa Sharp

I’m very excited to be talking to Lisa Sharp of Clear Calm space about maintaining a clear and calm environment.

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Got a Paperwork Problem?

If that year long trickle of paperwork is turning into a year end tidal wave while you’re on holidays,don’t worry Lisa Sharp has got your back!

Full disclosure, I have personally hired Lisa to help me get a handle on my house and home office and whole-heartedly recommend her.

Lisa talks about how helping people organize their spaces affects their finances and happiness too.

Finances and clutter go together like peanut butter and jelly!

She helps her clients who can be in overwhelm, they spend money buying new things because they can’t find the one they have, or they’re disorganised and so don’t like spending time at home. And, staying out of your home, means spending money.

Over on Lisa’s site you’ll find a whole load of useful resources and tips, head over to Clear Calm Space to check them out.

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Lisa Sharp
Lisa Sharp is a professional organizer, space healer and happy home creator at Clear Calm Space. She helps busy, overwhelmed women create a beautiful, nurturing home they can be proud of. She believes that what you put into your home, you get out of it. So treating your space with love, kindness and respect will pay you back dividends of lazy contentment, happy entertaining and cocooning bliss.