#55 Authentic Selling with Kendrick Shope

Financial Fluency Episode #55: Authentic Selling with Kendrick Shope

Today I am so excited to have the fantastic Kendrick Shope from Authentic Selling and Sales School. I have gone through Sales School myself, and I totally love Kendrick and think she is a fantastic person!

Listen in below


For women starting their own businesses often the transition from being an employee in a non sales role to getting the confidence to sell your own services and products can be very difficult. What’s interesting is that women do not sell like men.

Men typically have a more aggressive selling style, women tend to shy away from that agressive style and think they cant sell. Which is not true, they just don’t know a selling style that works for them.

That’s where Authentic Selling comes from using connection and engagement and all those things that light us up and using that to your advantage.

Women are taught not to ruffle any feathers, to be demure and down low and Kendrick and I are both done with it!

Kendrick ShopeAfter leaving her Fortune 500 sales career in 2011 as a top performing sales rep, Kendrick Shope created Authentic Selling™, an ick-free, southern style approach to sales that’s helped over 600 entrepreneurs make millions.

Since then, she’s been named one of the nation’s top sales experts, acted as a guest expert on NBC, and won high praise from business icons like Ali Brown and Marie Forleo. She’s also been featured in publications like Monroe Life, The Advocate, and The Daily Times.

Her motto? “All things being equal, friends buy from friends. All things being unequal, friends buy from friends.”

When she’s not sharing her sales savvy with clients, you can find this royal redhead cheering at Tennessee football games or flipping through fashion mags. She lives in Arkansas with her high school sweetheart and her Star-Wars-loving daughter.

For free sales tips, or to learn more about Authentic Selling™ or Sales School, Kendrick’s dynamic group program, visit kendrickshope.com

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