#53 Creative Soul with Shari Teigman

Financial Fluency Episode #53: Creative Soul with Shari Teigman

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Today I have the lovely Shari Teigman from the Creative Soul Lab. Creative Soul Lab is a podcast that I absolutely adore, I’ve been on it before and I listen to it regularly.

We talk about how our own beliefs can be the biggest obstacle to finding the success we want, the shame that comes from having not enough money AND too much, as well as how tied up we are emotionally to our own worth and finances.

As usual I got some tips for you!

Shari’s Tips

  1. Figure out where you are and how you got stuck there
  2. Curiosity and play are non negotiable for a fulfilled life
  3. Don’t hang out with people who bring you down and don’t get you

You can listen in below


Besides human children I also have passion babies, like my podcast – Shari

Anyone who is a business owner, really has their soul tied up in their work – Shari

The podcast is a variety show of Shari ramblings and interviews – Shari

I was a typical, standard Stepford wife (Editor: No way!) – Shari

I had to redefine who I was as a financial being – Shari

A lot of the time the people a few steps ahead of us are more inspiring than the uber-successful, millionaires – Jen

Historically smart, educated, creative women have had issues with marriage – Jen

I grew up in a world where the princesses married the princes – Shari

Empowered people make better partners, parents and citizens in the world – Shari

I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew what I didn’t want – Shari

I didn’t believe I was someone who could earn enough to cover my bills every month. I still struggle with that – Shari

If I heard my kids talking to themselves how I talk to myself – there’d be an ice-cream party and a pony – Shari

ShariShari is a Transformational Coach and Soul Explorer focusing on creative business strategy. Shari works with people to help them to re-light the soul of their life and their businesses.

By helping her clients lift the veil of groundhog day, of living how you’re supposed to, controlled by all the shoulds and have to’s and losing your soul along the way. Shari helps people walk their way at home in their lives and in their businesses.

Find the Creative Soul Lab podcast here

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