#51 Wealthy & Smart with Linda P Jones

Financial Fluency Episode #51: Wealthy and Smart with Linda P Jones

This week I have Linda P Jones owner of Be Wealthy and Smart as my guest.

I’ve been listening to Linda’s Be Wealthy and Smart podcast for a little while now and it has brought up some things that I’m really interested in. One such thing is the new crowd funding options for angel investing, which we touch on in the episode, but also talk about so much more!

Linda also gave us her advice on getting wealthy, how she helps people to invest like billionaires and how to create a luxury brand business online. We also delved into the impact of the 2008 financial crisis on people’s finances and changing attitudes to investment!

You can listen in below

cover170x170Linda teaches how to achieve your financial dreams in a way you’ve never thought possible by literally transforming the way you think and learn about building wealth.

Without focusing on boring numbers, budgets, or spreadsheets, Linda makes finance fun and relatable by sharing stories from her own experiences becoming a self-made multi-millionaire. She shows people how to build wealth the right way, in a way that Wall Street and traditional financial advisors don’t teach. She believes that the Twin
Pillars of Wealth Building are the shortest and most direct paths to financial success – following the billionaire model of investing and creating a luxury brand business.

Tragedy in Linda’s personal life inspired her to share her hard won wealth-building knowledge on a large scale. After suddenly losing her husband to a brain aneurism when she was just 45, Linda felt enormously grateful that she was financially safe and secure and had the knowledge to deal with important financial decisions. It was then
that she had a new vision – to empower women all over the world in finding the same peace and security she’d experienced – and The Global Institute of Wealth for Women™ was born.

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