#89 Design Your Life with Cornelia Shipley

Episode #89 Design Your Life with Cornelia Shipley

Would you like to learn how to design your Life, in both business and personally?  Cornelia is the founder of 3C Consulting which is a leadership development firm specializing in executive coaching, leadership development programming customized to organizations, strategic planning and internal coach training certifications and capability training.  By enhancing the three C’s: Clarity, Capability, and Capacity, we help organizations get empowered to exceed their organization objectives and desired outcomes.  

Cornelia’s first book Design Your Life: How to Create a Meaningful Life, Advance Your Career and Live Your Dreams, began in Melbourne Australia in 2003 while she was in graduate school.  She was struck by the no worries attitude of the culture, and how they designed their experience moment by moment. So many design their life based on the “shoulds” in their life and defining their success based on someone else’s terms.  Inspired, she then began writing about the concept of strategically planning one’s life, to suit their lifestyle, and how they want to live.  

In 2006, while she was living and working in New Mexico in the “right” job, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her father took a stroke.   As an only child, and with her parents living 1500 miles away in Detroit Michigan, Cornelia had to make a change and move back home to support them.  It was then that she began her consulting business.  

It was very important to her to set up her business so that her lifestyle choices could be accommodated no matter what was going on.  In fact, just 5 days after her wedding, Cornelia’s mother sadly passed away unexpectedly, and as a result of her choice to create her business based on the way she wanted to live, she was able to take 3 ½ weeks off to support her father and family in that time of need, instead of relying on the 3 days for bereavement leave that is commonly awarded to employees in the corporate world.  

In addition to catering to organizations, Cornelia’s company also works with 10-12 entrepreneurs during a calendar year where the first step is to help them make the shift from owning a “job” to owning a business.  This process includes everything from outsourcing to the right people with the right skills, pricing per value instead of pricing per hour, leverage, infrastructure and most importantly, structuring the business so that they own their business rather than the business owning them.   

Cornelia’s next book, Empowered: Strategies for Executive Level Success, was written using 90 minute book .com, where you literally write a book in 90 minutes, either as a narrative, or an interview.  She now has blocks off time to do additional editing and will release it at the end of August of this year.   


“You can train for skill, you can’t train for character.” ~Cornelia Shipley

“Your brain is only programmed to have focussed attention for 30, 60 or 90 minutes – the sitcom, the drama and the movie.” ~Cornelia Shipley

Cornelia Shares her Message

“My team and I take a unique approach to cultivating human potential. Many training and development organizations focus on providing more knowledge and information with the thought that better results will follow. We know that what matters most is a designed approach to development that is aligned to the desired outcomes and objectives of the organization.

Our programs are based in systems theory and our unique strategic planning process and development programs are designed to unlock leaders innate confidence and knowledge to create and take designed action that will ultimately lead them to their desired outcome. We leverage the power of your values, processes, culture and people and get them all moving together to create accelerated growth and development of the entire organization.

Our approach has set us apart in the marketplace, and is the reason many of our clients’ rely on our development process to improve their business results. Our experience has taught us that by enhancing the three C’s: Clarity, Capability, and Capacity, organizations are empowered to exceed their organization objectives and desired outcomes.”

You can connect with Cornelia on her website at www.corneliashipley.com, on Twitter at www.twitter.com/corneliashipley, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/corneliashipley, and on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/corneliashipley.

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3C Consulting website:  http://www.3cconsulting.com/

How to write a book in 90 minutes:  https://www.90minutebooks.com/

Cornelia’s Book: Design Your Life: How to Create a Meaningful Life, Advance Your Career and Live Your Dreams


Design Your Life with Cornelia Shipley

Best selling author, thriving entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, coach, and world class trainer Cornelia Shipley is known for empowering people to achieve their peak performance, strategically plan for the future, and ultimately create a life and work that REALLY work! A sought after professional development expert, her strategies and methods have been showcased on CBS 46 Atlanta, FOX 5 News, CBS Radio, Radio One, INC.com, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Washington Post, The LA Times, and The Sydney Herald among others.

She is the author of the International Best Seller Design Your Life: How to Create a Meaningful Life, Advance Your Career and Live Your Dreams and will release her second book Empowered: Strategies for Executive Level Success in 2017.

Cornelia leveraged her extensive corporate career starting as a Sales Manager for the number one consumer goods company to leading the Human Resources Function for a critical manufacturing facility for an international food manufacturer, to launch her own firm where she leads a team of committed professionals determined to empower leaders to exceed their expectations.

As Marshall Goldsmith said in the forward of her international best-seller Design Your Life “…Cornelia will guide you through the process of picturing success as you want to see it and identifying whether or not your career is aligned with your true passion, all while helping you ensure your need for these three important things: contribution, meaning and happiness.”

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