#69 Your 21st Century Blueprint

Episode #69 Your 21st Century Blueprint with Kerry Morgan

Today I am so glad to be speaking with Kerry Morgan! Kerry is a seasoned entrepreneur, an experienced yoga teacher, and the founder of the 21st Century Blueprint.  With 20 years experience in a wide variety of industries, including the poultry industry, and acting as the owner of a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) League, she is building an epic virtual empire to guide heart-centered females into their power with digital strategic blueprints.

Our conversation covers the challenges of bringing a 21st century mindset to individuals who were raised in the 20th century. We also dug deep into how we organize our daily schedules, how running an MMA League prepared her for greater things, and her amazing live summit which includes everyday women speakers.


  • “So many people need to bring their mindset into the 21st century, and I think we’re stuck in the ’80s and ’90s and what our parents taught us.” – Kerry

  • “If everyone thought the same, we would still be on horseback.” – Kerry

  • “As women we love to give our power away, we think that’s helping everyone else.” – Kerry

  • “Your normal day is what you said ‘Yes’ to, and it’s so hard to undo your ‘Yes’ to bring in what you want.” – Kerry

  • “I went back in my timeline to see when I was the happiest, and that was when I was doing yoga.” – Kerry

  • “All these paths have been training me to really own my power.” – Kerry

  • “[The problem is] we’re so overwhelmed seeing everyone else’s story we forget to show up for our own.” – Kerry

To connect with Kerry Morgan, check her out on Facebook, LinkedInTwitter, or her website. You can join her private Facebook group here. Be sure to check out Kerry’s quiz and click here for more information on Kerry’s 4-week program.

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National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Kerry Morgan is a Holistic Living Consultant for elite entrepreneurs and the 1%. She teaches the daily enhancement of mindset, focus, and awareness. With 20 years experience as an entrepreneur in a variety of fields, including the poultry industry and Mixed Martial Arts, she is currently building an epic virtual empire to guide heart-centered females into their power with digital strategic blueprints.

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