#47 Running Multiple Businesses with Haley Gray

Financial Fluency Episode #47: Running Multiple Businesses with Haley Gray

Both Haley and I are special needs care-givers and also run multiple businesses. Haley runs Leadership Girl Inc as well as starting young by helping Girl Scouts learn financial fluency through the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

We talk about the huge sexual disparity in the workplace, and Haley gives her personal experience on this in the boardroom and in a hospital setting.

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As usual my guests give you their best advice about finance and business.

Haley’s Tips:

  • Figure out what your preferred mode of engagement is – online, offline, on the telephone?
  • Get clear on your numbers. Understand what comes in and goes out. Statements of cashflow, profit and loss and projections – all of that.
  • Figure out what makes sense to spend money and time on and what doesn’t

Favourite Quotes

Sometimes we aren’t our own best friend – Haley on women in the workplace

When you create the company, you create all the growth potential you like – Jen

People can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist – Hayley

There’s a significant lack of female role models at almost every level – Haley on females in the workforce.

Having our own business means we don’t get fired for looking after our loved ones – Jen on a key benefit!

Sales is just about relationships – Haley

If you see people as dollar signs, things break down – Haley on finding clients

Links mentioned

Leadership Girl
Women’s Entrepreneur Network Facebook Group
Extension Of You Homecare
Care patrol

Haley Gray Haley Lynn Gray is founder and owner of Leadership Girl, a graduate of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, and a serial entrepreneur. In addition to her many business ventures, she is also a wife, mom of four and Girl Scout Leader to four troops. She’s also the Troop Cookie Manager for her Girl Scout Troops, with over 15,000 boxes of cookies going through her garage in a typical year.

Haley is passionate about helping women achieve their potential and empowers them to overcome obstacles in leadership positions and entrepreneurial ventures.

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I also have the fantastic Mastering Money Matters group, a monthly membership group where you can join and we talk about all the different pieces week by week of getting our money systems set up and how we look at, think about and value money and all areas of our lives.

It’s a very supportive and private group just for women and it’s a safe place to hang out and talk. It’s kind of the extension of the interviews I’ve been doing with mainly entrepreneurs on this show, and it’s where we can talk about the things we may not want to broadcast out to a broader audience.

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