#41 Changin direction with Shelley Davidescu

Financial Fluency Episode #41: Changing Direction with Shelley Davidescu

This week my guest is Shelly Davidescu. Shelley started her business as a food coach. And, as seems to happen to a lot of my guests, had a moment where her business changed in response to people’s needs.

When people start asking you for the same thing, even if you’ve never considered it before, it’s like business gold!

Often it will come up again and again and this allows you pivot your business and respond to a need that’s already there within your space. WIN!

Shelley and I discussed this transition in her business as well as figuring out how to connect with people and build a tribe and how it would be easy to stay safe where it’s working rather then follow you intuition, passion and a new excitement.

And you’ll be pleased to know that of the biggest shifts for Shelley was getting a clear read on her numbers – yay!

You can find out more about Shelley’s Confidence Challenge here.

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Favourite Quotes

I feel like finances as well as health and nutrition are all rooted in psychology – Jen on the similarities between our money and food habits

I believe every food issue is an emotional issue – Shelley

I created packages on the fly – Shelley on transitioning her business

It’s more inportant to fall in love with your tribe than your product – Shelley

Anybody looking to broaden their horizons – step into it! – Shelley

I’m more a leap and see what happens kind of a person – Shelley on changing direction

Once I make a decision it’s time to move on and it’s time to show up 100% where I am – Shelley

I didn’t just roll out of bed and start a new business – Shelley on the importance of research

shelly davidescuShelley Davidescu, Business Mentor for Driven Health Coaches ready to master manifest and magnetize their dream business. Shelley started Clean Forks in 2013 from the ground up and replaced her 9-5 income with full time entrepreneurship in 2015 all while paying off over $25,000 of debt. She has used her experience in business and social sciences to grow her business to 4 and 5 figure months and now teaches heath and wellness coaches how to take inspired action that leads to booking more clients and making a bigger impact in the world today. Shelley has been featured in some of the biggest on line publications such as the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Fit Life Tv, and Elite Daily.

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