#39 Food, feelings and finances with Lisa Carpenter

Financial Fluency Episode #39: Food, Feelings and Finances with Lisa Carpenter

My guest this week is someone I have had great success in working with, so I’m thrilled to have her on the podcast today.

As well as talking all things food and feelings, we got down and dirty on the difference between what you see on the outside of someone’s business and what is ACTUALLY going on.

Lisa gave me a totally honest, good bad and the ugly look into her business. We both believe that the six figure launches aren’t always what they seem. And that it’s important to remember this if you’re in the first few years of business.

As usual, I asked my guest for tips and advice, both financial and in their niche…

Lisa’s 3 top tips for biz and life

  1. We all need coaches, make sure you pick one with the emotional capacity to guide you
  2. Sometimes you need to STOP looking for coaches and pay someone to do the things you aren’t good at
  3. If you’re struggling with your relationship with food and your body, if you don’t take responsibility for the food you eat – nothing will change. Pay attention to you.

You can get Lisa’s free 10 day challenge here.

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Favorite Quotes

I suddenly realised I hadn’t vomitted in months! – Jen on the results she got from working with Lisa

You shouldn’t feel bad all the time – right? – Jen on putting up with not feeling “well” day to day

There’s no wagon, stop getting on and off of it – Lisa on why diet “plans” don’t work

Business growth is the exciting part you see from the outside – behind the scenes, not so pretty! – Lisa

To be an entrepreneur, you have to make friends with risk – Lisa

When the realisation hit that I wasn’t going to hit my goals, it hurt and it shook me – Lisa on the ups and downs of business

My business was in its infancy, but I was trying to run it like it was an adult business – Lisa

There are some months that my business eats what I make! – Jen

Financial Fluency #39 - Food, Feelings and Finances with Lisa CarpenterFuelled by her passion for nutrition, Lisa has used her extensive background to develop the E.A.T! Program. She understands the deep connection between food and feelings, and that food can be a powerful drug. Working with thousands of clients internationally who were tired of feeling powerless over food, she has been able to give her clients a new freedom from the constraints of traditional dieting.

She specializes in taking the confusion out of food, dieting, and healthy eating so her clients can break free from the diet cycle. By building their knowledge and confidence, clients are empowered to take ownership of their food choices. They are able to develop a new mindset that is about conscious ownership of all food choices without negative self-judgment.

Her clients refer to her as a nutritional ninja and empowerment expert but the label she is most proud of is the mom to her family of 3 boys that range in age from a toddler to teenagers. Like many women, she strives for a balance between her busy family life and her passion for being an educator.

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