#31 Bold leadership with Tara Newman

Financial Fluency Episode #31: Bold Leadership with Tara Newman

This week I have a special episode for you! My guest, Tara Newman of Tara Newman Coaching joined me on her birthday, so a big thank you to Tara!

As usual, we talk finances and business and Tara shared 3 top tips drawn from her years of entrepreneurial experience.

You can hear them in detail in the episode, but here’s a sneak peek:

  • Focus on what you need to thrive, not survive to make it financially.
  • Know your 3 – 5 personal or business boundaries. They will help you make sound financial decisions.
  • Learn how to take responsibility for your actions.

You can listen in & Tweet it out hereTweet: I'm listening to @jturrell and @taragnewman talk Bold Leadership and finances. Join in here: http://ctt.ec/3KCct+

To sign up for Tara’s FREE 5 day challenge Bold Leaders Do The Least, How to Do, Delegate and Delete with Ease click here (I definitely need to go through this one!)

To find out more about Tara’s 9 month, group coaching program The Bold Leadership Sisterhood, click here.

Favourite Quotes

The shift had nothing to do with money, it had to do with seeing that I could do it. Everything was going to be ok – Tara on transitioning from corporate world

Sometimes we forget to tap into our resources – Tara on using existing contacts

I like to bring my online people offline, and my offline people online – Tara on marketing

I get a lot of “accidentally successful” people! – Tara on typical clients

The personal growth, leads to the business growth – Tara

I’m kind of an introvert, I need sofa time! – Tara

We need to be self critical, but not self judging – Tara

Tara NewmanTara Newman is a Business and Leadership Coach for ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to change they way they think about work so they can build businesses that last, live extraordinary lives and do it without burning out.

Because leaders need the endurance to make a big impact.

With a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology, Tara’s been developing leaders to thrive in an ever changing, noisy and overwhelming business landscape for almost two decades (18 years).

She is passionate about simple business strategy, doing the deep inner work, and bold leadership as a means to performing our best every day.

Find out more about Tara at taranewmancoaching.com

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I do two episodes every week, one solo and one interview.

I also have the fantastic Mastering Money Matters group, a monthly membership group where you can join and we talk about all the different pieces week by week of getting our money systems set up and how we look at, think about and value money and all areas of our lives.

It’s a very supportive and private group just for women and it’s a safe place to hang out and talk. It’s kind of the extension of the interviews I’ve been doing with mainly entrepreneurs on this show, and it’s where we can talk about the things we may not want to broadcast out to a broader audience.

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Jen x

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  1. John Graziano
    John Graziano says:

    Nice. As one of Tara’s MALE clients, I have watched her go from worker, to owner and it has been refreshing. She has a wonderful approach to making me a better leader. Some of the things we discuss seem so intuitive, but when your mind is clouded with being so overwhelmed (yep, I’m one of them) it is difficult to have clear vision. She takes you back to the basics, and then whomps you with amazing fresh, bold strategy. I have been having growth in both business and personal since working with Tara. So glad I took the step to invite her into my business world.


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