#27 Snap school and new platforms with Mellisa Opie

Financial Fluency Episode #27: Snap School and New Platforms with Melissa Opie

My guest this week is my tech GURU for any new platforms and my link to Millennials!

I think Melissa’s first reaction to Snapchat was so similar to most people’s “Whaaaat? Why would I send a picture that disappears?”

We talk about how beautiful the ephemeral quality of Snapchat images is, as well as some handy tips to get you started.

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Favorite Quotes

I don’t care what you ate for breakfast – Melissa

It’s not a popularity contest – Melissa

I refuse to be the 7th version of myself – Jen

There was a lot of “show us your boobs” – Jen on the beginning of Periscope

Snap art is a thing – Melissa on getting creative on Snapchat

If you like me that much, come and find me on Snapchat! – Jen

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Meet Melissa

Melissa OpieLife architect. Uplifter. Confidence catalyst. Advocate for personal freedom.
Snapchat: melissaopie
Instagram: melissa.opie
Snap School

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