#21 Look good online with Laura Husson

Financial Fluency Episode #21: Look good online with Laura Husson

I’m talking to Laura Husson, and her infant son is here with us – listen in for cute baby noises (disclaimer, I take no responsibility for any ensuing broodiness).

Laura’s brand, Look Good Online encapsulates your website and social media in a holistic way that I just love. The sites she creates are full of personality – no one size fits all here.

I first encountered Laura in a Facebook Group but it was when she was on Periscope that I really felt like I got to know her.

We talked about her accidental journey into retail, how she’s passionate about helping other women find the freedom she has and an encounter with a school mum which left a not so nice taste in her mouth.

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Favourite Quotes

My job hasn’t been invented yet

Laura, as a child being asked what she wanted to be

In the first 3 months we raised about £10,000 – it was a lot.

Laura on her first charity venture

If I just listened to what people wanted from me, I was going to make a success of this.

Laura on going full time in her biz

I felt like I was part of an adventure, a movie!

Jen on watching Laura’s Periscoped journey to surprise her husband

I honestly feel like we’re very close to being best friends, just because I’ve seen so much of your life!

Jen after seeing Laura on Periscope

It’s 100% about hanging out online with the right people and really listening to them.

Laura on finding your audience and creating offers

My hair grows in a darker shade than it appears.

Jen, confessing to not being a natural blonde!

Laura Husson Laura Husson, is an online business architect.

She helps innovative entrepreneurs (just like you) look good online with irresistible websites & savvy business strategy.

After spending more than 10 years teaching, coaching and mentoring she started a business to help forward thinking business owners overcome their barriers to online success.

She shares her secrets with clients in two unique ways: Create the websites of their dreams and help showcase ’em to the world.

If you’re ready to shine in your own online journey, click here to get started.

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