#131 Secrets to a Sleeping Baby with Brad and Greta Zude

Episode #131 – Secrets of a Sleeping Baby with Greta and Brad Zude

If you are like most parents, you probably had at least one (or many) occurrences when your baby just wouldn’t sleep, and neither did you.

Greta and Brad Zude, who are now parents of 6 children, began their quest on learning the secrets to a sleeping baby about 9 years ago, when they had their first child.  Before her arrival, in fact even before Greta was pregnant, they read all the books, took parenting classes, and learned as much as they could about helping their baby sleep through the night, and easily nap during the day.  

Their knowledge served them well for the first 4 weeks of their newborn’s life, but then at 4 weeks, everything changed.  Naps became inconsistent, and their little one woke up several times a night, and sleep was irregular, for all of them.  They decided to get in touch with a sleep consultant, who helped them work out what was normal and what was not.  After a couple of weeks, things started to go more smoothly and by 8 weeks, their daughter was once again sleeping through the night.

From this experience, and the birth of their 5 subsequent children, Greta and Brad learned a great deal about sleep, and people started asking how they did it.  They started to give classes to other parents, teaching them the secrets of a sleeping baby.  Brad, who has an entrepreneurial spirit, came home from work one day when their youngest was 2 weeks old, and announced that they should become online baby sleep consultants.  They created an online course, and set up a facebook page, and now they have approximately 550 students.  

With lack of sleep, comes a myriad of issues – stress, exhaustion, marital problems, health problems, issues in the workplace – you name it.  Through their course, Greta and Brad have given parents the tools they need to get the sleep they desperately need, and as a result, have a healthier more productive life.  On a daily basis, they receive emails from happy parents claiming that the course saved their marriage, their babies are so happy, and many other tales of gratitude.

For Greta and Brad, one of the biggest benefits of their business, is that they have a tremendous amount of structure, so they can keep a healthy balance in their lives.

You can find out more about Secrets to a Sleeping Baby on Brad and Greta’s website at  www.MyBabyCanSleep.com or on Facebook at  Facebook.com/MyBabyCanSleep.




131 - Secrets of a Sleeping Baby with Greta and Brad Zude

Brad and Greta are parents to 6 healthy, happy, independent and affectionate children, who look to scripture to guide what they believe about the world, their children and themselves.

They are parents who understand that all children are different and may have different sleep training needs, and who love to help and guide other parents in training their children with love!


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