#122 - The Making of Member Vault with Erin Hook Kelly

Episode #122 – The Making of Member Vault with Erin Hook Kelly

Have you heard that saying that necessity is the mother of invention? I’m not sure who said it first, but we can see proof of it all around us all the time. When Erin Hook Kelly was working as an Online Business Manager for a client, she didn’t like any of the course hosting tools that were around. Eventually, her developer husband Mike offered to create a custom tool that Erin could use for this particular customer. For quite a while the tool didn’t even have a name, but as her customer’s clients interacted with the tool and loved it, more and more of them started asking what it was and how they could get it for themselves. Such was the start of Member Vault

Agility in practice: In this episode Erin talks about a number of different times she has had to make decisions to choose her biggest pumpkin (ala Mike Michalowitz’s best-selling book The Pumpkin Plan) and discontinue, cut off, or give away other projects and businesses in order to focus on the most important ones that will bring in the biggest return.

We also talked about how to use member vault to facilitate a Jeff Walker style product launch as outlined in his best-selling book Launch. We even looked at how I can use my own Member Vault area to host my the 3-part video series called Untangling Your Money Mess. If you want to see an example of what you can do in Member Vault, check out my Untangle Your Money Mess video series right here!

And finally, we look at all the changes that have occurred for Erin and her family since they went totally mobile in an RV and are living the laptop lifestyle with an infant while running two online businesses.

As a special offer to my readers, Erin and her husband Mike, the creators of Member Vault, are giving away their 52 emails to engage, sell and motivate for free.  Click here and enter the coupon code MONEY to get access.   They also offer a free trial for their awesome program which you can sign up for at http://jenturrell.com/membervault-free-trial.   


Jumpstart Connect: October 10, 11, 12th in NYC http://jumpstartconnect.com/

What If? and Why Not?: Transform Your Fears Into Action and Start The Business of Your Dreams


#122 - The Making of Member Vault with Erin Hook Kelly

Erin Kelly is an OBM for the fantastic Adrienne Dorison (one of my personal mentors), and a co-founder of the automated engagement focused course platform, Member Vault, where students complete courses, and course creators watch their income domino.

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