#118 Healing Yourself with Carol Egan

Episode #118 – Healing Yourself with Carol Egan

Carol Egan is an executive health coach who has lived through many health issues, to the point where sick was her identity.

Despite consulting many doctors for her long list of symptoms,  she continued to get worse.  Finally, she came to the conclusion that if she was ever going to get better, she would have to figure out what was wrong on her own.  

She learned all she could about healing.  She obtained her degree and continued on to postgraduate school in nutrition, digestive health, detoxification and the study of human potential.  

She shares how traditional medicine completely overlooks the effects of nutrition on the body, and how inflammation caused by the food we eat plays havoc on our bodies, creating debilitating symptoms that plague more and more people every day.  

By applying all that she learned she has obtained an excellent level of health and helps others learn how to achieve the same.  She focuses on creating health as being fun – something she teaches her clients as well.

Carol shares her three-part “wholy trinity” first steps to getting healthy:

  1. Green juice
  2. Green smoothy
  3. Meal-sized salad every day.

Start off small, with the eventual goal of having one of each every day.  Go with what feels right and bit by bit, you will start to feel better!

Carol shares her message here:  

A healthy body is important for every success we ever hope to achieve. It’s not necessarily diet and exercise that are important specifically, but rather how diet and exercise, with the proper mindset and relationship to self, impact us and our decision-making on a physiological level.

A person who is healthy on a physiological/biochemical level is in greater balance, and when in greater balance, we possess the mental and emotional clarity and skills to better manage every area of life.

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Carol Egan is an executive health coach, with an expertise in digestive health and detoxification. She works with accomplished professionals who want to look and feel as healthy as they are successful. They spent years prioritizing success over health, and are now troubled by excess weight, exhaustion, and foggy thinking at work and home. She helps them take control of their health, so they can focus on what matters most to them in their life and career.

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