#8 BB The Function of Fun

Biz Buddies Episode #8 — The Function of Fun

Ever feel like you are taking it all too seriously? Maybe taking yourself too seriously? What do you do purely for fun? Is all of your fun centered around your kids or for others? Is there anything you do that is fun purely for yourself?

When Jen first took her kids to Disneyland after Tallulah got her service dog and the guest assistance pass, she was determined to get them the Mickey Ears hat with their names embroidered on them because that was what she wanted when she was a kid, but didn’t get. Jen’s own kids couldn’t have cared less about getting those ears. Sometimes we try to impose our own idea of fun on others rather than enjoying what we want ourselves and allowing them to enjoy what is most fun for them.

Niamh talks about all of the things we do out of obligation, or even how self-care is often presented as something you need to do to fill your own cup so you can continue to give to others. Or we do things we know will be fun for our kids or families, and we enjoy those things too, but it’s not quite the same thing as doing something that is purely for your own joy.

Meeting up with people in person, having book clubs or even doing regular calls on zoom where you can see your friends’ faces and feel more of a connection, all of those things are fun!

What things do you find fun? What makes you feel relieved, replenished, refreshed and overjoyed? Let’s talk!

We’ve decided we need to have game night at the Biz Buddies retreat in Ireland.

The Olive Farm by Carol Drinkwater

Want to hear what life was like when Jen lived off-the-grid on the ranch? You get to hear some of it right here in this episode!

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