#7 BB The Lure of Learning (1)

Biz Buddies Episode #7 — The Lure of Learning

Today Jen and Niamh talk about the Lure of Learning, how important it is to keep on learning and growing year by year, but also how you can get lured into thinking that you need to learn more before you take action, which can stop you. Sometimes learning more can be a procrastination tool too.

In 2015 Niamh did a #100booksayear challenge and in that year everything in her business changed because of all of the stuff she learned. Once she knew so much more, she couldn’t just sit back and keep doing things the way she was doing them now that she knew a better way.

This year Jen and Niamh are both doing a #100booksayear challenge and both try to intersperse fiction with all of the nonfiction because of the way our brains process fiction in a different way and sometimes it spurs different kinds of creativity.

There is also a lot of discussion about what works and doesn’t work in courses and challenges. Including Niamh’s fantastic Ignite Video Challenge!

A few of the books and authors we mentioned:

Write, Publish, Repeat

Fiction Unboxed

Iterate and Optimize

Joanna Penn

Write Your Novel from The Middle

Take Off Your Pants!



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