#5 BB The Crux of Consistency

Biz Buddies Episode #5 – The Crux of Consistency

In today’s episode Jen and Niamh jam about consistency, the good, the bad, the stagnant and the strategic. Where are you consistent? Do you ever get into a consistency rut? Just doing things because you’ve been told to do them and because you are used to doing them, may not be the best strategy for growth and expansion.

There are different ways to be consistent, some are day by day, week by week, but others are more seasonal. Launching 3 times a year or doing a challenge twice a year are where Niamh’s consistency shows through, which Jen is consistent with podcast, video and written content week after week, month after month. Let’s talk about all the options.


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Financial Fluency Podcast

Niamh’s 100 Books A Year Challenge

Jen’s 100 Books A Year Challenge

Niamh’s Ignite 30 Day Video Challenge

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