Biz Buddies #4 BB The Paradox of Planning

Biz Buddies Episode #4 – The Paradox of Planning

Niamh and Jen both love to plan, but looking back over past plans, the plans often have little to do with what ends up happening. So, what is the purpose of planning? How much does planning help? How much do we love our planners and calendars and other planning tools? And what kind of planning really helps the most? Find out in this episode!

Jen’s Gold Savor the Success Planner

Getting Things Done, David Allen

Jen’s Juicy Link for Fancy Hands

90 Day Year Program and Planner

Jen’s Mastering Money Matters 6-week course


Niamh’s Challenges with Impact link

Niamh’s Rocketbook Everlast

Niamh’s Ignite 30 Day Video Challenge

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